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Smith family statements

Catriona Baker statements

Jane Tanner 4th May statement



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Complete translation of Paul Gordon statement. topic80.html


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Revised translation of post1753.html#p1753

Processos Volume IV,
Pages 884 - 885


Finger Print Inspection by Technical Police Team

Reg No 129/07

Assistant Specialist: Joao Barreiras

Policia Judiciaria
Portimao Criminal Investigation Department
Legal Identification Cabinet

At 01 time on 04-05-07, I , Joao Barreiras, Assistant Specialist, proceeded to inspect the location described below.


Crime: Disappearance of Child

Date: 03-04-2007 (sic)
Occurrence: About 22H00

Region: Lagos
Street or Place: Ocean Club Resort, Block 5, apartment 5A
Nature: Residence


Person Offended:

5….. Fingerprints….Inside interior window of the children’s bedroom…..DBT…..Suf

1. Methodology and means of operation:
2. Established number of supposed authors:
3. Abandoned objects:
4. Objects or values that were the target of the crime:
5. Importance of the damage incurred:

Observations: The fingerprint traces collected are identified as being the middle finger of the left hand (3x) and forefinger of the left hand (2x), of the missing girl’s mother,
The fingerprint inspection was only carried out on the inside of the window because it was night time, the location was sealed and preserved so that light conditions would permit the inspection of the residence to be finalised.


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Processos Vol IV

Pages 963 to 964

Policia Judiciaria
Department for International Cooperation
National Interpol Cabinet


Date: 11/05/2007

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation, DIC, Portimao

Subject: Madeleine Beth McCann

Following the collection of samples from the Ocean Club, Praia da Luz da L, which we sent to all Interpol offices, we inform you that:

The Interpol General Secretariat Interpol, IPSG Lyon, has informed us that these samples are unknown in the IPSG database.

IP Wiesbaden informed us that two of the samples cannot be used for comparison, the other was possible for comparison, nothing being found in our files. However IP Wiesbaden states that this sample could have been left by a woman or a youth, but not by a small girl.

With compliments.

GNI Chief

Ana Mafalda Duarte


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Revised translation of Rachel Mampilly’s 4th May 2007 statement

Processos Volume I

Pages 73 - 76

Witness Statement

Date: 2007-05-04

Time: 19.20

Interviewing Officer: Inspector Joao Carvalho

Name: Rachael Mariamma Jean Mampilly Oldfield.

Nationality: British

Marital Status: Married

Profession: Recruitment Consultant

Being a British citizen and not understanding the Portuguese language, in spoken or written form, the undersigned witness was accompanied by a translator: Filipa M.C.S.

Since last Saturday, April 28th 2007, she has been on holiday in Portugal at the Ocean Club tourist complex in Praia da Luz, accompanied by her husband Matthew Oldfield. They travelled from London to Faro airport with their daughter ******, aged 19 months.

This trip was organised for a group of nine adults and eight children. In addition to her husband and her daughter the group consisted of:

The couple, Russell O'Brien and Jane Michelle Tanner, with their daughters, **** aged three and a half and **** aged 19 months.
David and Fiona Payne with their daughters *** aged three years and ***** aged 12 months.
Gerald (Gerry) McCann and Kate MCann with their twins, Sean and Amelie, aged 26 months and daughter Madeleine aged 4 years.

Also in their group is Diane Webster, Fiona Payne's mother.

They organised a joint holiday together because the men in the group are all doctors as well as Fiona Payne and Kate McCann, who worked together for a long time. It was normal for them to go on holiday as a group, however on the last holiday, last September, Gerry McCann and Kate McCann did not go to Greece.

The witness has known the couple, Gerry and Kate, since 2003, although her husband, Matthew, knew them from before.

On arrival at the airport, they were transported in a, "Mark Warner," company bus. There were other people on the bus apart from the group. They were all accommodated at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz.

The couples had their own, individual apartments, at the same complex, with their respective children. Since their arrival until yesterday evening, when Madeleine disappeared, the days were all based upon the same routine.

After breakfast, taken between 8 and 9 am in the Millennium restaurant, she would take her daughter to the Kids Club, about 10 minutes walk from the apartment. The other couples did exactly the same thing, with the exception of Gerry and Kate McCann who would have breakfast with their children in their apartment.

The witness's daughter was in a room at the Kids Club which is close to the "TAPAS" restaurant. Madeleine was in another room, situated near the club's reception, because she is older.

After dropping her daughter off, the witness normally had a tennis lesson between 11 and 12 o'clock. Then she went back to the Kids Club to pick up her daughter, ****** between 12.15 and 12.30 and take her back to the apartment for lunch. She made ******'s lunch and then they went to Russell O'Brien or David Payne's apartment, where they all ate together. Gerry and Kate McCann had lunch in their apartment with their children. The witness has the impression that the McCann family lunched at the beach one day.

All members of the group did their shopping at the only supermarket near the complex, the "Batista", although this supermarket was not part of the resort. There were various check outs, more of less five of them. Both times she went to do shopping she was always attended by women at the check outs.

She never saw any suspicious attitude, or ever had suspicions about anybody she came across, either in her independent activities or as a group or with the children.

Her relationship with the couple, Gerry and Kate, is one of good friendship and they meet up occasionally at celebrations, weddings and birthdays.

Concerning Madeleine, she is a happy child, good natured and full of energy.

She considers it impossible that a stranger could take her without her shouting or crying. She is a smart child who knows right from wrong.

They had the habit of dining every evening at the "TAPAS," restaurant which is about 50 metres from the apartments as the crow flies but 60 or 70 metres round the building to the back entrance.

Yesterday, at around 20.45 pm, like every evening, they joined the rest of the group to eat at the "Tapas" restaurant. Her husband Matthew, went to look for David Payne and Fiona Payne. At around 9 pm, the couple arrived followed two or three minutes later by Matthew. He had been to check the children's bedrooms, his own apartment where his daughter was sleeping, having approached and listened at the two closed shutters of the ground floor apartment where the twins Amelie and Sean and Madeleine were. He says that he did not hear any noise. He also checked to see if there was any noise in Russell O'Brien and Jane Tanner's apartment. He said that he hadn't heard any noise there either.

After placing their orders, at around 21.15 pm, Gerry McCann left to check only his own apartment. He took about 10 minutes because, he said, he had been chatting with Jes about tennis. Today there was a tournament in which they had both competed.

During Gerry's absence, without being certain of the exact time, their food began to be served.

Before Gerry arrived Jane Tanner also left to go to her apartment. Shortly afterwards Jane returned.

Between the starters and the main course, at around 21.30 pm, her husband Matthew Oldfield and Russell O'Brien both went to check all the rooms. Kate also offered to go, but was told that it was not worthwhile. Kate ended up staying at the restaurant.

Four or five minutes later the witness's husband came back after having checked his apartment. He also passed by the apartment where Madeleine was, having entered through the sliding patio door (the couple Gerry and Kate McCann would leave this door unlocked during dinner) The patio door leads to the apartment's lounge where two doors open into the respective bedrooms.

Her husband went into the main room and peered into one of the bedrooms where the couple’s three children were sleeping. He didn't switch any lights on and only saw the two sleeping twins.

He remembers that the bedroom door was half-open, finding this strange as he said later. At the time, he gave no importance to the fact.

The witness's husband returned to the restaurant and said that everything was fine, as he hadn't heard any noise. He also said that Russell O'Brien was staying with his daughter, ****, because he had found her crying.

They began the main course and Jane went off to replace Russell so that he could come and finish dinner.

When Russell arrived, she does not know at exactly what time, Kate at about 10.00 went alone to check the apartment. She returned to the restaurant crying, saying that Madeleine had disappeared. At that moment everyone rose from the table and went with her.

They all went outside, some having gone to the apartment to check that Madeleine really was missing, and confirmed that.

The twins continued to sleep in the same site where they had been placed.

The witness has nothing else to add. She reads the statement and agrees with it, ratifies and will sign.

The witness remembers that Kate said that one of the windows at the front of the apartment was open, the shutters raised. The couple had never opened the shutters during their stay.

After this they began to search and called the police.


Inspector Carvalho and F.M da C.S.


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Revised translation of Rachel Mampilly’s 11th May statement .

Processos Volume IV
Pages 943 to 947

Witness Statement

Date: 2007-05-11

Time: 11.30

Place: Portimão DIC

Interviewing Officers: Inspectors João Carlos and Rui Gonçalves

Name: Rachael Mampilly

She comes to the process as a witness. Being of British nationality, she does not speak or write Portuguese and the interpreter Nuno José Cruz de Magalhaes Mexia Bulhoes is present.

She confirms the integrity of the statements made to this Police Department on 04/05/2007 and is ready to provide any additional clarifications.

She stayed in apartment "5B", which is located immediately next to the apartment of the McCann family. That on 03/05/2007, Thursday, she got up between 06H30 and 07:00, together with her husband Mathew and their daughter G***e aged 19 months.

At 07H50, they went to the "MILLENNIUM" restauarant, on foot, arriving at about 08.00 to have breakfast. She stated that they had been the first members of the group to arrive, and, later David and Fiona arrived with their two children, then Russel with his children. Jane did not come because that morning she was not feeling well. They took the usual route, alone, having left the apartment by the main door, which they locked with the key, turned right, then left, reaching the main road that led to the restaurant in question. They all had breakfast together at the same table, including the children.

When breakfast was over, at about 09H00, the witness took her daughter to the "crèche" next to the "Tapas", while her husband Mathew went with Russel to take his daughter E**a to the "crèche" at the main reception. The witness says she returned to her apartment, did some cleaning and changed clothes as she had scheduled a tennis lesson for 11H00. At 09H45 she left the apartment and went to the swimming pool area where she read a book and talked with Kate until about 11H10, the time that she left for the tennis courts as the lesson was slightly delayed. At that time her husband Mathew arrived also to play tennis until about 12.10 pm.

When the lesson finished, they collected their daughter and went to David and Fiona Payne’s apartment, where they all lunched together. At 13h45, the three returned to their apartment, where they put their daughter to bed who slept for about two hours. The witness went to play tennis with Jane until 15.00, while her husband Mathew went to Russel’s balcony to talk, or vice versa, she doesn't know exactly, their apartment being located to the side of theirs and there is only one other apartment between the two.

After the game of tennis, the witness returned home to rest, her husband and Russel having gone to the beach of Luz to sail. At about 15:45, her daughter having woken up, she took her to the beach of Luz in the company of Diane, Jane, Fiona and their respective children, where they found Mathew, Russel and David. At 17H30 the children dined in one of restaurants by the beach, not having detected any abnormal or strange situation.

At about 18:30, the women and children returned from the beach in the direction of the "OCEAN CLUB" with a view to seeing their husbands play tennis, who had returned from the beach about five minutes before. Until going to the apartment she was with the children in the playground area, next to the "Tapas", until about 19.00.

Then she went to the apartment where she gave her daughter a bath, Mathew returning at 19.15. They washed and put their daughter to bed by 19:45. The witness and her husband took a bath, dressed and went to the restaurant "TAPAS" at about 20H40. They left by the main door, which they locked, arriving at the "TAPAS" about two minutes later. She emphasised that the back door was closed and properly locked.

When she arrived at the restaurant, Kate, Gerald and Jane were already there and were talking to another couple who was not part of the group. Russel had not yet arrived because he was getting his daughter to sleep, according to what Jane told her.

The witness states that she sat more or less facing the back of the apartment and Mathew, on the side of the table, on her left. She does not know if, from that position, he could the back door of the apartment where Madeleine was, but if this had been the case then he would only have been able to see the very top.

Then Russel arrived and after another 10 minutes, when it would be around 20H55, the Payne family - David, Fiona and Diane - arrived. About a minute before the Payness arrived, her husband Mathew got up from the table and said he was going to go and look for them, taking the opportunity to “listen” to the children. She say that, according to what they told her, they passed Mathew on their way. After about 4 minutes, Mathew returned to the table when they ordered the food, and said he had "listened" to his daughter and to the Russel and McCann children, outside the front by putting his head against the shutters of the windows of their respective bedrooms and that everything was calm with the children. Both ate fish and salad, the witness drank white wine and Mathew red wine, she thought that, at that moment, one glass each.

At about 21.05, Gerald went see his children, and about 10 minutes later Jane left before GM had returned. A few minutes after Jane left Gerald arrived and said he had been talking to "Jez" about tennis, she does not remember if he said anything about the children. During this time she states that no one else left the table. Two or three minutes after Gerald’s arrival, Jane arrived, the witness does not remember whether Jane made any comment about her children either.

At 21H20 they began to dine, and, at 21.30, her husband Mathew said that he would go to see his daughter, G***e. The witness offered to go in his place, but he did not accept. Russel also stood up saying that he would also go to see his children. When they had both got up from the table, Kate said the same, namely, that she would also go to see her children. At that point, she presumes, she cannot be sure, if her husband Mathew or Russel volunteered to go to see Kate's children, and she them that they would have to enter by the back door, which was unlocked. Russel and Mathew left at the same time. About five minutes later, Mathew returned saying that the children were all well, and that Russel had stayed in the bedroom as one of his daughters was crying.

At about 21H40/21H45, when they were at dinner, Jane said that she was going to replace Russel so that he could dine, since she had already eaten. About five minutes later Russel returned to the table saying that his daughter E**e was sick and had vomited, and he started to dine afterwards.

At about 21H55/22H00 Kate got up from the table and went alone to her apartment in order to see her children. Five to ten minutes later, she returned the table, crying, visibly shaken, saying that Madeleine had disappeared. Immediately, all the members of the group, except Diane, stood up heading for the apartments, and the witness went to see if her daughter was well. Soon after, the men of the group started to do a search around the apartments in an attempt to find the child, at which time the Kate said that the window and the shutters of Madeleine's bedroom were open and, as such, she had been taken by someone.

The witness states that she did not enter Madeleine’s bedroom, thinking that Mathew her husband, had not done so either. Then, they extended the search to more distant areas, and her husband headed to the main reception to see if Madeleine was there, since her "crèche" was there, that also being the place from where he contacted the local police authorities.

They continued the search with the help of more people, which resulted in nothing. Further that, about 10 minutes after Kate raised the alarm about the disappearance, the witness went to see Jane in her apartment. While talking, Jane told her that when she came to see their children and passed Gerald talking to "Jez", she saw a man carrying a child, supported in the arms, which would not be a baby and could have been more or less Madeleine’s age. Also she said that when she saw the man, it seemed strange because he was walking very fast and the child was wearing pyjamas, without any other piece of clothing. That when the witness questioned her, Jane told her that at the time she had said nothing because she knew nothing of the disappearance of Madeleine and she had not seen the child’s face. When asked, says that, initially Jane focused more on the description of the man and, only a few days later, did she make reference to the clothes that the child was wearing, which were pyjamas, not recalling if she made a comprehensive description of clothing, especially regarding the colour or design.

When questioned, she said that on Thursday, 03/05/2007, there was nobody sitting at the table, who was unknown to the group, and she does not know anyone with the name "IRWIN."

She added that it was David Payne who organised this trip, and the apartment where she was staying had already been allocated to her at the time she checked in, not having been given any possibility for choice.

She does not have any suspicion in relation to the facts under investigation, stressing that in the holiday period prior to the day of the disappearance she did not find anything abnormal or strange.

Concerning the monitoring of the children every half hour, it was inspired by the system that "Mark Warner" has and which is known as "baby listening" and she had used this service in 2006 when they stayed at a holiday resort in Greece.
When questioned, said that no member of the group rented, or was transported in a vehicle, movements were always made on foot, they only travelled by bus on the day of arrival, on the route between the Faro airport and the "Ocean Club."

She got to know the McCann family at the marriage of David and Fiona, in Italy in 2003, at which time Madeleine was already 4 months old. She does not know them to have any enemies.
She has no knowledge, in addition to their group, of other friends of Madeleine’s family, who may have been in Portugal during the period when the facts occurred.

That, in the photographs she took during this holiday, only the various members of the group are recorded. When questioned, she states that during the holiday period she went to lunch at the apartment of David and Fiona, and that Madeleine had at no moment entered the witness’s apartment.

When questioned, she said that on the day they arrived, her husband Mathew felt sick with diarrhoea and vomiting, a situation that lasted until Sunday morning. She adds, on Wednesday, in the early morning, she also felt sick with the same symptoms.

No more is said. She reads the statement, agrees, ratifies and signs.


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Revised translation of Russell O’Brien’s 4th May 2007 statement.

Processos Volume I
Pages 80 – 82

Policia Judiciaria

Portimao Criminal Investigation Department


Date: 2007-05-04

Time: 21.45

Place: Portimao DIC

Interviewing Officer: Inspector Joao Carvalho

Name: Russell James O'Brien

Nationality: English

Date of Birth: 1970-11-26

Residence: Exeter.

Civil status: Common Law Union.

Profession: Doctor

Being a British citizen and not understanding Portuguese, in its written or spoken form, the witness is accompanied during this act by a translator: Filipa M da Conceicao Silva.

The witness completely corroborates the statements by his partner Jane Tanner and by Rachael Mampilly, taken by Inspector Joao Carvalho, concerning the journey, the composition of the group and the daily routines of the adults and children of the group, of which he is a member, at the Ocean Cub, Praia da Luz.

In addition to his partner, he is on holiday with his two children **** O'Brien, aged three years and **** O'Brien aged one year.

He works as a doctor being a colleague of (Gerry) McCann, having worked together directly for six months.

His partner became pregnant at the same time as Gerry's wife, his daughter E*** differing more or less by one month in age to Madeleine Beth McCann.

**** and Madeleine were in the same room at the Kids Cub, near the reception, the staff responsible for them are Cat and another woman named Emma.

Until yesterday, May 3rd 2007, he has no knowledge of anything suspicious or strange happening around the group of friends or their children. Everybody seemed normal to him from the cleaning staff, the gardeners, to the rest of the resort’s employees. He never noticed anything strange at the beach either or anyone looking at them in a suspicious manner.

Yesterday, his daughter E*** was feeling ill. The witness dropped E*** (his other daughter) at the Kids Club at around 10 after breakfast.

He completely corroborates his partner Jane Tanner's statements about the rest of the day.

At around 19.15/19.30, the witness went to his apartment. He read some stories to his daughters, staying with **** who was feeling better. Meanwhile, his partner, Jane, went to have dinner at the "TAPAS" restaurant at around 20.30 and he went there at around 20.45.

When he arrived at the restaurant, some of the adults were already present, without children. David and Fiona Payne and Diane Webster were missing. They arrived more or less 5 minutes later.

At around 21.00, they had all ordered their meals.

As was normal, more or less every 15 minutes one person from each apartment would go to the apartments/rooms to check if the children were all right. Yesterday, as E*** was not well, the interval between checks was reduced.

He recalls that Matthew Oldfield left the restaurant shortly after 21.00 , having gone to the apartment to see the children.

He is no longer certain who left first, but five minutes later, Gerry McCann and his own partner, Jane, left, almost simultaneously. Jane must have returned first because she met Gerry talking to a person who was also staying at the resort, named Jez.

He thinks that Jane only checked their apartment, being more worried about E***. Then Gerry came back at around 21.25/21.30. At that moment began to eat the starters.

At about 21.35/21.40, taking advantage of the period during which they waited for their main courses to be served, the witness left the restaurant with Matthew to check the children. When he got to his apartment, his daughter E*** was crying and he stayed in her bedroom with her. He thinks that Matthew went to his own apartment.

Matthew returned to the restaurant five minutes after having left it.

His partner came to take his place about 15 minutes later so that he could finish his dinner.

At about 21.55, he went back to the restaurant where he waited for 5 or 10 minutes for his food to be served. All the other adults had finished.

At about 22.00, Kate Healy went out to check her children in her apartment, having returned shouting and entered the restaurant shouting, coming towards the table where we were all seated, that Madeleine had disappeared.

We all ran out and the witness together with other persons decided to go around the apartment blocks and our own apartments to see if we could find Madeleine.

During the personal search he made following the disappearance he did not identify any suspicious element, person or object.

When it appeared to them that she was possibly not in the immediate vicinity of the apartments they widened the search zone but it proved fruitless.

He does not know who called the police.

No more is said. He reads, ratifies and signs.

Statement signed by Inspector Carvalho and the translator


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Processos Volume II
Pages 372 - 373

Witness Statement

Bernardino de Abreu Pereia da Silva

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 13H00

Maintenance Worker/Driver

Nationality: Portuguese

Place of Work: Ocean Club

Concerning the process he says;

That he comes to the process as a witness;

The witness states that he carried out maintenance functions for about one year, but that he currently works as a driver.

In relation to the facts which are being investigated, the witness states that, he never had any type of contact with this family, as they were just “clients” as are hundreds of others who frequent the resort.

He states that he only learnt of the disappearance of the child when he arrived at his place of work, on Friday, the 4th, at about 14H30, and saw the police “apparatus” which surrounded the resort, having subsequently been informed of the events by his colleagues.

He states that at no moment, did he notice the presence of anyone with an abnormal behaviour, as regards children, or anything else which appeared to be of suspicious nature.

The witness states that, in informal conversation with the inspectors of this police force (DIC Portimao), he reported a situation, which at the time seemed abnormal, but that these facts have already been investigated, and it was determined that they had no relevance to the current investigation.

When asked, he replies that it was from this moment onwards that he learnt of the facts under investigation by means of the media.

The witness does not remember any other element that could be useful to the investigation.

No more was said. He has read the statement, finds it in conformity and will sign.



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Processos Volume II

Pages 344 - 345

Witness Statement

Maria Da Graca Guerreiro Alao Goncalves

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 11H00
Record (book) Keeper

She comes to the case as a witness, having worked as a record (book)-keeper in the Accounting Section of the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz since 1985;
She states that her functions involve all accounting services of the resort, but mainly the administration of the payment of accounts;
When asked, she says that she does not have any direct contact with the guests, as when payments are made, they are not made directly to her;
When asked she says that she does not know Madeleine’s parents, nor the child, given that, as she has already stated, she has no direct contact with guests;
She says that as far as she can remember, during the years that she has worked at the resort, she knows of some thefts from inside the apartments and most recently on 16th April 2007 there was a theft from an apartment in Block 5 L, from where a plasma display screen, credit cards and a mobile phone belonging to the respective guests were taken.
As far as she knows, as she prepared the papers for the insurance company, the theft took place at the end of the day and according to the guests the event happened when they had left for dinner after completing check in and having left their suitcases in the apartment.
She says that she does not remember having been told that doors or windows had been forced, the guests having said that they had just left the door on the latch, however she is not certain.
When asked, she says that she was never told of the existence of any suspects or where those responsible for the theft had been identified.
When asked, she replies that she has no knowledge of strange or unknown individuals who have been stopped or seen inside or outside of the resort during the time that she has worked there.
When asked, she says that she has never been asked about the functioning of the resort or more precisely about the type of guests that frequent the resort, although some friends have asked her if there was work to be had in the cleaning sector.
She says that on the 3rd of May, 2007, she came to work as normal, at 09H30, left at 13H00, having gone to lunch at home in Lagos and returned at 14H30;
During this period, she does not remember having seen any individual or vehicle that caught her attention;
At about 18H30, she left work and went home and again did not see anything out of the ordinary or suspicious in the exterior of the resort;
She became aware of the facts the next day, Friday, by means of a colleague.


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Processos Volume II

Pages 430 - 432

Witness Statement

Hayley May Crawford

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 20H00
Bar Worker (Ocean Club)
Nationality: British
Address: Germany

She comes to the process as a witness, given that she works at the adult pool bar in the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, Lagos.
She states that she does not speak Portuguese and is accompanied by translator Robert Murat.
She states that she began working for the Ocean Club as a tourist guide in 2004 and after that as a bar worker in the adult pool bar this being the fourth year of her continuous employment at the resort.
She says that before arriving in Portugal she did not know anyone in Portugal, but in the meanwhile has got to know Portuguese people who work in the Ocean Club, but that she has never been questioned as regards the functioning of the Ocean Club or about her functions.
She states that since her arrival or even in England, she has never been questioned regarding the functioning of the Ocean Club and in particular regarding the location of the resort services.
In the summer, her working hours are from 10H00 to 18H00.
The bar is open exclusively to resort clients, and that control is made by means of a client card at the entrance to the bar.
When asked, she says that she does not remember anyone having entered without being authorised.
When asked, she states that she does now know the parents nor Madeleine as they did not frequent the adult pool bar.

When asked, the witness clarifies that on the day of Madeleine’s disappearance (03 May 2007) she was with her boyfriend at her home, situated in Lagos, saying that he, Nuno Conceicao, is also an Ocean Club employee, carrying out various maintenance functions in the resort But she says that, for this reason, her boyfriend is in permanent service, in other words that even when he has a day off he can be contacted in case it is necessary to carry out any type of maintenance service in any apartment or other installations of the tourist resort in question. In this way she explains that on the day in question (03.05.07) at around 20h30, her boyfriend was called as there was a problem with a lock in an apartment situated in the northern part of the resort, close to the Millennium restaurant and she had accompanied her boyfriend in her car from her home in Lagos to the apartment in question.
After her boyfriend had completed the service, at about 21H00, they went to the resort reception with the aim of her boyfriend collecting a service vehicle.
For this purpose, the witness and her boyfriend travelled in her car, a Peugeot model 106, metallic grey in colour, along various roads of the resort, having taken the road adjacent to the pool and Tapas restaurant area, passing by the apartment where Madeleine and her family were staying, according to what she was subsequently informed about the location.

When questioned, the witness states that when she travelled along the roads in question, which make up the resort, and principally those which she later learnt were adjacent to the apartment where Madeleine was staying and disappeared from, close to the Tapas restaurant, which she did at about 21H00, (03 May, 2007) the witness states that she saw no vehicle, person or other situation that she considered suspicious that could be directly or indirectly related to the facts being investigated.

When asked, the witness states that after her boyfriend had collected a service vehicle, from the Ocean Club reception, which took place at about 21H00, they both went to her home, but in separate vehicles, arriving at about 21H15.
The witness states that she was off work on last Wednesday and Thursday, as was her boyfriend.
At about 22H30, her boyfriend received another telephone call from a colleague, asking for a flashlight, as a female child had disappeared, to which he responded that he did not have one, both remaining at the witness’s home until the next day.
She only became aware of the events on Friday morning when she returned to work.
When asked, she states that has no knowledge of any individual or vehicle in the immediate areas of the resort whom she considered suspicious or who drew her attention.
As regards the disappearance, she states that she felt shocked, as it was the first time that anything like this had occurred at the Ocean Club.
No more is said, having read the statement, she finds it in conformity and signs.


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