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PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:38 pm 
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APENSOS V, Volume III, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 03)

First page—Blank
432—Statement re: Miraparque hotel (Lisbon) sighting
433—Incident Message re sighting at Whalebone North, Romford
434—Incident message re sighting at Whaleborn North with handwritten note
435—Missing page
436—Incident report re sighting at Whaleborn North with further handwritten note
437—Missing page
438—Cover page re external diligences
439—External diligence report re diligences
440 to 443—Missing pages
444 to 445—Statement of sighting in Albufeira
446 to 450—Missing pages
451—Service information re Intermarche parking lot in Estarreja post169331.html#p169331
452—GNR service information re sighting near Badajoz/Madrid post248542.html#p248542
453 to 454—Poorly copied handwritten note
455—Statement of sighting at Gatwick airport (English)
456 to 457—External diligence re sighting at Guia Shopping Center, Albufeira
458—Letter re information from Sacavem squad
459—Statement re Sacavem sighting
461 to 462—Statement re sighting in Porto
463—Cover page re sighting
464 to 465—Statement re sighting in the Beja Hospital, Portugal
466—Service information re sighting in Intermarche in Nelas467—Fax
468—Email re sighting in Pingo Doce (supermarket) in Nelas
469 to 471—Service information re Pingo Doce, Nelas sighting
472—Cover letter re sighting
473 to 474—Sighting in Salou, Spain
475 to 479—Missing pages
480—SOCA information re Spanish sightings (duplicate)
481—Email from DC Hughes re Spanish sightings
482 to 492—Missing pages
493—Statement re sighting in Ecomarche park, Nelas post248545.html#p248545
494—Service information re John Michael Paul Hogan post146205.html#p146205
495—External diligence re Hogan sighting in Sao bras de Alportel post146206.html#p146206
496—Confirmation of fax
497—Service information re Hogan sighting post146207.html#p146207
498 to 504—Missing pages
505—Email re Marie Olli sighting in Marrakesh(2007.05.23)
506—Missing pages
507—Marie Olli written statement re sighting post170619.html#p170619
508 to 514—Email from Denmark re sighting with pictures
515—Printout re Marrakech sighting
516—Email re another sighting in Marrakesh
517 to 518—Email from Leicestershire police re Olli sighting
519—Statement re sighting in Sevilla service station (Spanish)
520—Email re submission of information
521—Spanish Civil Guard cover page
522—Statement re Sevilla service station sighting
523—Statement re sighting in Leicester post209649.html#p209649
524—Officer’s statement re Leicester sighting (English)
525—Missing page
526—Statement re sighting in Fueteventura
527—Missing page
528—Statement re sighting in Maldon, Essex
529 to 531—Missing pages
532—Page unreadable (poor quality copy)
533—Email re crimestoppers information
534—Statement re sighting in Via Nazionale, Rome
535—Cover page re sighting
536 to 537—Statement re possible sighting in New South Wales
538 to 540—Email re sighting in Jersey
541—Report on Visualisation and Analysis of Photographs
542—South Wales police statement re sighting
543—Service information re sighting in Tui post248547.html#p248547
544—Statement of sighting in Barragem do Beliche, Castro post248560.html#p248560
545—Coverpage re submission of information
546 to 547—Service information re sighting in cooperative supermarket in Vieira do Minho post248576.html#p248576
548—Email re sighting in Murcia, Spain
549—Missing page
550—Missing page
551—SOCA report re Spanish sightings (duplicate)
552—Email from DC Hughes re Spanish sightings (duplicate)
553—Email with attachment
554—Poor quality copy
555 to 557—Service information re anonymous letter (poor quality copy)
558—Email with attachment
559 to 560—Service information (poor quality copy)
561 to 563—Information re Marie Olli sighting 2007.06.06 post170979.html#p170979
564—Marie Olli statement re sighting in Marrakesh
565—Email re Olli sighting post171006.html#p171006
566—Email re Fiat Marea
567—Email post238341.html#p238341
568—Missing page
569—Email from Paulo Reis re Mari Olli's reported sighting
570—Missing page
571—Email from Marie Olli
572 to 573—Copy of page 571 with email forward
574 to 576—Service information re Opel Corsa post169353.html#p169353
577 to 578—Cover letter re information submission
579 to 580—Statement of sighting near Alcantara, Portugal
581 to 583—Emails from UK re Olli sighting (duplicate)
584—Missing page
585—Email re Spain sighting
586—Olli sighting information

PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:38 pm 
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APENSOS V, Volume IV, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 04)

661—Service information re sighting in Almadena
662—Confirmation of fax
663 to 664—Statement re sighting in Marrakesh Care de Spice market
665—Missing page
666—Email from DC Hughes re Brasil sighting
667—SOCA information re Brasil sighting
668—Email re sighting in sighting in Saskatchewan, Canada
669 to 670—Missing pages
671—Incident message re sighting in Charlesroi airport
672-Missing page
673—Email re sighting in Switzerland post234011.html#p234011
674—Cover letter re Weisbaden document post234012.html#p234012
675 to 677—Statement re sighting in Zurich airport post234013.html#p234013
678—Service information re sighting near/on Guadiana post234020.html#p234020
679—Missing page
680 to 683—Statement re sighting in Hertfordshire
684—Missing page
685—Statement re sighting in Corseaux post234021.html#p234021
686—Email re photos taken in Valencia airport post234022.html#p234022
687 to 688—Valenica photos (poor quality) post234022.html#p234022
689—SIRENE cover page
690—French translation of missing bulletin
691—Cover page re sighting
692 to 693—Service information re sighting in Funchal post234010.html#p234010
694 to 695—GNR statement re sighting in Dublin post234008.html#p234008
696—Missing page
697—Missing page
698—Service information re sighting in Albuferia camping park post234009.html#p234009
699—Confirmation of fax
700—Service information re sighting in camping park in Quarteira post234023.html#p234023
701—Confirmation of fax
702—Service information re sighting in Lobios-Geres post234054.html#p234054
703—Email re sighting in Madeira post234055.html#p234055
704—Statement (handwritten) of Samantha Elizabeth Preston
705—Statement of Samantha Elizabeth Preston (English)
706—Missing page
707—Continuation of Preston’s statement
708—Officer’s report re Samantha Elizabeth Preston
709—Statement of sighting by Gail Ward in Tenerife
710 to 714—Email re result of negative sighting
715—Statement (hand written) of William Frazer Leitch re sighting in France
716—Statement of William Frazer Leitch re France sighting
717—Missing page
719 to 720—Statement of sighting in Porto
721 to 723—Statement detail pages re Porto Sighting
724—Email re results of German enquiries
725—SOCA information re German sightings
726—Statement re anonymous call received by Scottish Crimestoppers
727 to 728—External diligence re sighting in Lagos post209653.html#p209653
729 to 731—Email from DC Hughes re negative sightings
732—Email fro Goncalo re Greek sighting
733—Missing page
734 to 735—Email re negative sighting in Guatemala City
736—Missing page
737—Statement re sighting in Costa De Sol
738—SOC form re Spanish sightings
739—Leicestershire constabulary request for Spanish assistance
740 to 741—Missing pages
742 to 743—Email re sighting outside Seville bull ring
744—Email re sighting in Caldas da Rainha post234057.html#p234057
745—Email re sighting in Warsaw
746—External diligence re sighting in Aljezur garden post234059.html#p234059
748 to 749—Service information re sighting in Amares
750—Cover letter
752 to 753—Service information re Amares sighting
754 to 755—Service information re sighting on Rua Conselheiro Frederico Ramirez
756 to 757—Vehicle registration information
759 to 760—Poor quality copy
761 to 762—Service information (poor quality copy)
763—Service information (poor quality copy)
764—Missing page
765 to 767—Statement re sighting in Quinta da Marinha
768—Vehicle registration information
769—Email re sighting in Elvas
770—Statement re sighting in Malaga airport
771—Missing page
772—Service information re sighting in Sabugal post235195.html#p235195
773—Service information re sighting near pool in Vilamoura post235201.html#p235201
774—Confirmation of fax
775 to 776—Statement re sighting in Vila Nova de Gaia
777—Missing page
778—Statement re sighting in Vale de Lobo
779 to 780—Police checklist
781—Service information re sighting in Faro
782 to 783—Email re sighting in Faro
784—Cover letter
785—Service information re sighting in Turlock, California
786 to 787—Turlock, California church bulletin
788—Confirmation of fax
789—Emails re sighting
790 to 792—Statement re sighting in Graz-Strassgang
793—Email re crimestoppers information log
794—Missing page
795—Cover letter
796—Hand written notes
797—Missing page
798—Statement re sighting in Ermelo
799—Service information re sighting in Montechouro, Albufeira post235213.html#p235213
800—Missing page
801—SOCA information re Spain sighting
802—Email re Spanish sighting in Almeria
803—Missing page
804—Missing page
805—Statement re sighting in Rua Jornal do Algarve
806—Service information re sighting in Parque da Cidade
807—Missing page
808—Service information re sighting at Campo de Futebol de Anadia
809—Confirmation of fax
810—Statement of sighting near Luz Bay Hotel
811—Missing page
812—Missing page
813 to 814—Service information re sighting in Setubal
815—Service information re sighting in supermarket in Lagos
816—Missing page
817 to 821—Statement re sighting in Lagos
822—Statement re sighting in Viseu
823 - Sirene document Viseu post209680.html#p209680
824 - Sirene document Spain post209684.html#p209684
825 - Cover page
826-827 - Sirene document Visions Sagres post209700.html#p209700
828 - Sirene document sighting Styria post209703.html#p209703
829 - Cover page
830 - Sirene document sighting Colmar post209762.html#p209762
831 – 837 Sirene documents

838—Email re sighting in Costa Del Sol
839—Cover letter
840—GNR statement re sighting in Monchique
841—Service information re sighting in Viseu
842 to 845—Correspondence re vehicle search
846—Email re sighting in Bangalore, India
847—Service information re sighting in Monchique post179418.html#p179418
848—Service information re sighting in Lyon, France
849—Missing page
850—Vehicle registration search
851 to 852—Service information re suspicious vehicle
853—Missing page
854—Email re sighting in Aylesbury, England
855 to 865—Statement re sighting in Aylesbury
866 to 869—Missing pages
870—Statement re sighting in Hawaii
871 to 873—Missing pages
874-Incident Message regarding another sighting in Marrakesh
875 to 876-Incident Message regarding another sighting in Albufeira, Portugal
877—SOCA document re USA sightings
878—Missing page
879—Statement re sighting in Marbella post235193.html#p235193
875 to 876—(Page numbers mixed up) Statement re sighting in Albufeira
877—Blank page
879—Email re sighting in Marbella shopping center
880—SOCA document re Spanish sightings
881—Email from DC Hughes re Spanish sightings
882 to 883—Statement re sighting in Australia
884—Statement re sighting in Margareta
885—SOCA document re Spanish sightings
886—Missing page
887 to 888—Service information re suspicious vehicle
889 to 890—Service information re suspicious vehicle
891 to 894—Vehicle registration searches
895 to 899—Service information re vehicle in Quinta da Vareza

PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:39 pm 
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Posts: 14972
APENSOS V, Volume V, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 05)

900—Email re sighting in Delhi, India
901—Email re sighting in Florida
902 to 904—Request for CCTV re Florida sighting
905 to 906—Further details re Florida sighting
907 to 908—Service information re sighting in Aljubarrota post238338.html#p238338
909 to 912—Missing pages
913—Confidential document with address in Cadiz
914 to 916—Missing pages
917—SOCA international enquiry form re sightings in Spain
918—Email re Spanish sightings
919 to 923—Letter and statement from Brussels Authorities re sighting
924—Email In Italian re sighting in Malaga
925 to 926—Missing pages
927 to 928—Letter from the Portuguese Consulate in Geneva re sighting
929 to 931—Report from the Spanish authorities re sighting in Huelva post170617.html#p170617
932 to 933—Fax re vehicle registration search
934—Rental car invoice
935 to 937—Statement re sighting in Gibraltar
938 to 939—Service information re sighting in/near S. Bras de Alportel
940 to 942—Service information re sighting in France to airport post209644.html#p209644
943—Statement re sighting in Malta
944 to 945—Email re Sighting in Delhi, India (copy of page 900)
946 to 947—Missing pages
948—Statement re sighting in Fuerengola
949—Statement re sighting in Bengalbon, Spain
950 to 952—Missing pages
953—Email re sighting in Funchal, Madeira
954 to 957—Missing pages
958—Email re sighting in Loule
959—Missing page
960—Cover page re information received from Interpol
961 to 962—Statement re sighting in Southern France post210709.html#p210709
963 to 964—Statement re sighting in Horta, Faial and Malaga
965—Email re sighting in Vallodolid airport
966—Statement re sighting in France
967—Missing page
968—Statement re sighting in Switzerland store
969—SOCA International enquiry form re German suspect
970—Email from DC Hughes
971 to 972—Missing pages
973—Service information re sighting in Mallorca
974—Fax confirmation
975—Statement re sighting in Mexico City
976—Email re sighting in Mexico City
977—Blank page
978—Statement re suspicious grey Fiat vehicle
979—Statement re sighting in Costa Blanca, Spain
980—Statement re suspect vehicles
981—FAX re E-mail from SOCA re Michael Shrimpton
982—E-mail re Michael Shrimpton
983—Missing page
984 to 985—Statement re information of boat headed for Holland
986—Redacted page
987—Email re ships entering Gibraltar
988—Statement re sighting in Vallodolid
989—Missing page
990—Email from DC Hughes re 3 different USA sightings
991—Missing page
992—Statement re sighting in Spain, California, and Waterbury, Connecticut
993—Service information re sighting in Olhao, Portugal post209218.html#p209218
994—Fax confirmation
995—Blank page
996 to 997—Statement re sighting in Benidorm
998—Email re Benidrom sighting
999 to 1002—Missing Pages
1003— Statement re sighting in Burger King in Munich
1004—Email re action re sighting at Munich airport
1005—Statement re sighting in Loure
1006 to 1007—Missing pages
1008 to 1009—Statement re sighting in Gozo, Malta
1010 to 1011—Statement re sighting in Medina Market, Algadir, Morocco
1012 to 1013—Missing pages
1014—Officer’s Report (poorly copied page)
1015 to 1016—Statement re sighting in Huddersfield
1017 to 1018—Statement re sighting in Spain
1019—Email re Spanish sightings
1020 to 1021—Statement re sighting in Spain
1022—Email from DC Hughes re Spanish sightings (duplicate)
1023—Email re Dutch vehicle enquiry
1024—SOCA International enquiry form re Lidisfarne, Holy Island, England
1025—Blank page
1027—Email re sighting in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil post209224.html#p209224
1028 to 1029—Email re sighting in Udine, Italy
1030 to 1031—Missing pages
1032 to 1033—Statement re sighting in Edinburgh
1034 to 1039—Missing pages
1040 to 1041—Letter from Central Scotland Police re sighting
1042—Missing page
1044— Statement re sighting in Switzerland
1045—Missing page
1046 to 1053—Information re sighting in Caravan Park, Monkton, Ramsgate
1054—Service information re sighting in southern Morocco post98679.html#p98679
1056—Email re sighting at Zurich train station
1057 to 1061—Missing pages
1062—SOCA International enquiry form re sightings in Italy
1063 to 1064—Missing pages
1065—Portuguese translation of pages 1066 - 1067
1066 to 1067—Email re sighting in Morocco
1068—Email re sighting in Jackson Airport, Atlanta, USA
1069—Service information re sighting in Luxembourg post248534.html#p248534
1070—Service information re sighting in Sotogrande, Malaga post248535.html#p248535
1071—Statement re sighting in Udine, Italy post248536.html#p248536
1072—Statement re sighting in Ventimiglia post248539.html#p248539
1073 to 1074—Email re sighting in Costa del Sol
1075 to 1077—Missing pages
1078—Service information re sighting in southern Morocco (copy of page 1054)
1079—Email re sighting in Home Depot, Upland, California
1080—Statement re sighting in/near Nice, France
1081—Statement re sighting in Morocco (Portuguese version of pages 1083-1085)
1082—Officer’s report (poor quality copy)
1083 to 1084—Statement re sighting in Morocco
1085—Service information re sighting in Pediatric office post209638.html#p209638
1086—Email re Oslo sightings
1087 to 1090—Emails re sightings in Malta
1091—SOCA International enquiry form re sightings in Malta
1092 to 1093—Statement re sighting in Northwick PK Hospital, Harrow
1094—Missing page
1095—Statement re eliminated suspect, Spain
1096—Blank report/cover page
1097—Email re Murcia, Spain sightings
1098—Email re request for help from Spanish police re sightings
1099 to 1105—SOCA International enquiry form re sightings in Murcia, Spain
1106—Email re sighting in Toulouse, France
1107 to 1108—Statement of sighting in suburbs of Rome, Italy
1109—Missing page
1110—Statement re sighting in Spinaceta, Italy post248540.html#p248540
1111 to 1113—Statement re sighting in Rio Maior
1114—Cover page re email from Denmark
1115 to 1118—Email re sighting in hotel in Mountauban, France
1118 to 1120—"Letter sent to Kate and Gerry re psychic vision of Cok Vanderlee, Netherlands
1121—Service information re sighting in Praia da Gale
1122—Statement re sighting in Paris Beauvais airport
1123 to 1125—Service information re Ukrainian couple ruled out topic67-80.html
1126—Email re sighting
1127 to 1129—Handwritten statement re sighting on Torsedillas road
1130—Information page
1131—Poor quality copy
1132—Vehicle registration search
1133—Email re sighting in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil post209224.html#p209224
1134—Service information re sighting in Lagos post153371.html#p153371
1136 to 1137—Service information re sighting in Campanho, Porto
1138 to 1139—Copy of identity card
1140 to 1141—Copy of passport
1143 to 1144—Detail re Porto sighting
1145 to 1149—Email re negative result of German sighting
1150—SOCA International enquiry form re Egyptian sightings
1151—Missing page
1152—Email re Greek/Cypriot cooperation re sightings
1153—SOCA International enquiry form re sighting in Cyprus
1154—Statement re sighting from GNR Porceirao
1155 to 1156—Statement re sighting at German service station
1157—Email from DC Hughes re German sighting
1158—Service information re sighting in Faro post153376.html#p153376
1159—External diligence re sighting in Faro post153379.html#p153379
1160—Fax confirmation

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Posts: 14972
APENSOS V, Volume VI, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 06)

1161 to 1163—Interpol letter with pictures re sighting in Rhodes
1164—Statement re sighting in Albufeira
1165 to 1168—Statement re sighting in Sevilla Cathedral
1169 to 1170—Statement re sighting in Egypt
1171—Missing page
1172—Email from DC Hughes re Egyptian sighting
1173 to 1775—Email and statement re sighting on beach in Mallorca
1176—Statement re sighting in Vilamoura
1177—Blank page
1178 to 1187—Statement re sighting in Vilamoura
1188—Missing page
1189 to 1190—Statement re sighting in Braga, Portugal
1191 to 1192—Correspondence
1193—Statement re sighting in Nelas
1195—Letter re telephone call
1196—Statement re sighting on Cascais train line
1197—Service information re sighting on AI towards Coimbra Norte
1198—Email re sighting at petrol station
1199—Email with attachment re sightings near Scottish borders
1200—Information re Scottish border sightings
1201 to 1206—Statements and details re Scottish border sightings
1207 to 1208—Statement re sighting in Colwyn Bay, Clywyd
1209 to 1210—Email re sighting Dublin
1211 to 1215—Statement re sighting in Spain
1217 to 1218—Service information re lighting in Tarragona, Spain
1219—Email re sighting in France
1220—Missing page
1222 to 1227—Statements re multiple sightings in Spain link to page 1224 only
1228—Missing page
1229 to 1230—Statement re sighting in Marrakesh
1231 to 1234—Statement re sighting in Gale
1235—Missing page
1236 to 1237—Email re Malta sighting
1238—Missing page
1239 to 1240—Email re tip from Toronto Crimestoppers
1241—Missing page
1242 to 1243—Leicestershire constabulary re Jane Tanner’s mobile phone usage
1244 to 1245—Email re sighting in Turkey1246—Missing page
1247 to 1254—Statement re sighting in East Midlands
1255 to 1256—Email re sighting in Spain
1257—Note re sighting in Maputo, Mocambique post239239.html#p239239
1258—Email re Mocambique sighting
1259 to 1260—Missing pages
1261—Email re Bulgarian sightings
1262—SOCA International enquiry form re Bulgaria sighting
1263—Email re sighting in Nice
1264—SOCA International enquiry form re hotel sighting in Nice
1265—Service information re sighting in Luxemburg
1266—Email re sighting in Jerez, Spain
1267 to 1273—Email re SOCA information re sighting in Jerez, Spain
1274—Email re Malta sighting
1275 to 1276—Email from Weisbaden IP
1277—Blank page
1278 to 1279—Correspondence re sighting in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
1280 to 1281—Statement re suspicious car in PdL post153393.html#p153393
1282 to 1284—Missing pages
1285—Service information re sighting in Maputo, Mocambique post239118.html#p239118
1286—Service information re sighting in Swiss hotel post239257.html#p239257
1287—Confirmation of fax
1288—Service information re sighting in Pingo Doce, Ourique
1289—Confirmation of fax
1290—Missing page
1291 to 1292—Statement re sighting in Offenburg, Germany
1293—Missing pages
1294 to 1295—Statement re sighting in children’s playground
1296 to 1298—Missing pages
1299 to 1300—SOCA International enquiry form re US sightings
1301—Email from DC Hughes re US sightings
1302—Email from DC Hughes re Belgian sightings
1303—SOCA International enquiry form re Brussels sighting
1304—SOCA International enquiry form re Spanish sighting
1305 to 1307—Missing pages
1308—SOCA International enquiry form re Spanish sightings
1309—Email from DC Hughes re Spanish sighting
1310 to 1312—Missing pages
1312—Statement re sighting in Italy
1313—Missing page
1314—Service information re sighting in Massachusetts
1315—Missing page
1316 to 1318—Email re sighting in Spain
1319—Swedish/Scandinavian document re Sighting?
1320—Fax cover sheet (Swedish)
1321—Blank page
1322 to 1323—Email re Stockholm Interpol information
1324—Cover sheet from Stockholm Interpol
1325—Email re Spanish sighting
1326—Statement re sighting in English pub in Mil Palmeras, Spain
1327—SOCA International enquiry form re Mil Palmeras sighting
1328 to 1330—Swedish documents re sighting
1331—Service information re sighting in Olhao
1332—Confirmation of fax
1333—Missing page
1334 to 1335—Email/statement re sighting in Porto
1335—Continuation of page 1333
1336 to 1338—Missing pages
1339 to 1340—Email re Crimestoppers log re possible sighting in Amsterdam
1341—Statement from South Wales Police re sighting at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam
1342 to 1343—Missing pages
1344—Statement re sighting in Siena, Italy
1345 to 1346—External diligence re sighting in Bara S. Miguel
1347 to 1348—Statement re sighting in Alcocebre, Spain
1349—SOCA International enquiry form re Alcocebre, Spain sighting
1350—Email from DC Hughes re sighting in Spain
1351 to 1352—partially lank document/report re: Spain sighting
1353—Copy of page 1349
1354—Copy of page 1350
1355—Statement re Alcocebre, Spain sighting
1356—Blank report
1357—Copy of page 1349
1358—Email from DC Hughes (copy)
1359 to 1360—Service information re sighting in hotel in Andorra
1361—Fax re Andorra sighting
1362—Confirmation of fax
1363—Fax re Andorra sighting
1364—Copy of child’s passport
1365 to 1366—Copy of adult passports
1367—Statement re sighting in Alagoa-Altura
1368 to 1373—Document re diligence carried out in Spain
1374—Missing page
1375 to 1377—Service information re Benny Marshall sighting in Torremelinos
1378 to 1379—Service information re sighting in Nazare
1380—Vehicle registration search
1381—Service information re Benny Marshall sighting in Torremelinos
1382 to 1383—Service information re anonymous tip re whereabouts
1384—Fax from Secol Tour Operator
1385—Email from psychic re vision of Madeleine on cargo of ship?
1386 to 1389—M/V nationality Breakdown (Oporto) 2007.05.29
1390—Missing page
1391—NIL list from from MS Andrea, Ship Log
1392—Confirmation of fax
1393—Service information re ‘Andrea’ ship/vessel
1394—Confirmation of fax
1395—Copy of page 1393
1396 to 1397—Further service information re Andrea ship/vessel
1398—Fax from Secol Tour Operator
1399—Copy of page 1385
1400 to 1405—Copy of pages 1386 to 1389 and page 1391
1406 to 1407—Email re Marrakesh lead
1408 to 1409—Statement re sighting in Torremelinos, Spain
1410—Missing page
1411—Statement re sighting in Aylesbury
1412—Statement re sighting in Malta
1413 to 1414—Statement re sighting in Malta
1415—Missing page
1416 to 1417—Statement re sighting in Exmouth Road
1418—Missing page
1419 to 1421—Statement re sighting in Suffolk
1422—Missing page
1423 to 1425—Statement re sighting in Bari, Italy
1426—Statement re sighting in Vila Nova de Gaia

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APENSOS V, Volume VII, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 07)

1427—Blank page
1428—Email re sighting in Aylesford, Kent
1429 to 1431—Kent Police Report
1432—Servcie information re restaurant in Leiria
1433 to 1434—GNR/PJ information re sighting in Batalha
1435 to 1436—Letter re sighting in Rexford, Ireland
1437—Translated Crimestoppers document re sighting
1438—Letter re sighting on ferry boat
1439 to 1444—Missign pages
1445—SOC International Enquiry Form re sighting in Florence train station
1446—Email re Florence sighting
1447—Missing page
1448—Email re sighting in Epsom, Surrey
1449 to 1452—Event Chronology/Report re Epsom, Surrey, sighting
1453 to 1459—Missing pages
1460—Servcie information re sighting in car near/on highway to Lisbon
1461—Vehicle registration/plate search
1462—Fax verification of page 1460
1463—Cover letter re sighting
1464 to 1466—Missing pages
1467 to 1468—Cover letter re sighting
1469—Information re sighting in Caminha
1470—service information re sighting in London post153401.html#p153401
1471 to 1472—Service information re abandoned vehicle in Sta. Catarina da Fonte do Bispo post153403.html#p153403
1473—Cover letter re translation of document(s)
1475 to 1479—Swedish/Danish/Dutch documents re sighting?
1480 to 1490—Child Focus document in Swedish/Danish/Dutch?
1491 to 1496—Translated document re Spanish sighting by Brussels citizen
1497—Note re possible sighting in Greenwich
1498—Email from Caroline Burrows
1499 to 1501—Greenwich Police Report
1502 to 1503 reported sighting by a Sandra Joyce Nicholson, on the 31st May 2007 at 08.55hrs
link to page 1508 only
1510—Email re sighting at Spanish border
1511 to 1514—Missing pages
1515 to 1519—Emails re sighting in Spain
1520 to 1523—Missing pages
1524 to 1525—SOCA International Enquiry Form re sighting in the US
1526—Email from DC Hughes re 4 US sightings
1527 to 1528—Statement re sighting in the Alentejo
1529—Missing page
1530 to 1532—Statement re sighting in Arezzo, Italy
1532—Email re sighting
1533 to 1535—Translated statement re sighting in the Algarve
1536 to 1537—Pages 1533 to 1535 in original language link to page 1533 only
1538—Email from Paulo Reis to the PJ re Antonio Toscano
1539—Cover letter re sighting by Belgian citizen
1540—Document re translation
1541 to 1542—Correspondence
1543 to 1550—Details/report/translations re sightings in Brussels
1551 to 1553—Correpondence/cover letters
1554 to 1588—Belgian police statements (includes copies from pages 1543 to 1550)
1589—Correpondence cover page
1590 to 1592—Statement re sighting in Tiperrary, Ireland
1593—Missing page
1594—Missing page
1595—Email re sighting in Tenerife
1596—Police event chronology (re Tenerife sighting)
1597—Missing page
1598—Service information re sighting in Torremelinos post170331.html#p170331
1599 to 1600—Statement re sighting in Oeiras Parque
1601—Report cover page
1602—Servcei information re sighting in Geneva, Switzerland
1603 to 1604—Email re sighting in Crawley, West Sussex
1605—Cover page from SIRENE
1606—Chronology of events in French
1607—Email re sighting in Monaco
1608—Copy of page 1604 to 1604
1609—Police statement re sighting in Crawley, West Sussex
1610—Missing page
1611 to 1615—Email to Leicestershire police re poster (Dozeymare) on
1616 to 1619—Missing pages
1620—Email re DC Hughes
1621 to 1622—Crimestoppers statement re sighting in Huelva
1623 to 1624—Email re sighting in Ayamonte
1625—Crimestoppers cover page
1626—Email re sighting in Ibiza
1627—Blank page
1628 to 1637—Email re reply from Spanish sighting
1638 to 1639—Statement re sighting in retail park in Faro
1640—Vehicle registration search
1641 to 1643—Email re sighting in Meliella, Malta
1644—Missing page1645—Polcie incident message re sighting in North Yorkshire
1646—Missing page
1647 to 1649—Information received from SIRENE
1650—Fax confirmation
1651 to 1652—Translation of French documents
1654—Fax confirmation
1655—Chronology of events/sighting
1656—Email re sighting in Dusseldorf
1657 to 1660—Foreign Office correspondence re Berlin documents/sighting
1662—Document re sighting in Germany
1663—Missing page
1664 to 1666—Intelligence report re sighting in the UK
1667—Service information re sighting in Lisbon airport
1668—Missing page
1669 to 1670—Copy of page 1667 with notes
1672—Service information re sighting in Moleanos
1673—Statement re sighting near Leiria
1674—Missing page
1675 to 1676—Email re sighting in Spain
1677—Service information re sighting in Hotel Cervantes, Torremelinos post170331.html#p170331
1678—Missing page
1679—Email re sighting in Berlin airport post248388.html#p248388

Apensos V vol VII Number unknown - Sighting in Lagos, Portugal

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APENSOS V, Volume VIII, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 08)

1680—Service Information re sighting on highway linking Silves/S. Bartolomeu de Messines
1681—Vehicle registration search
1682—Email re Malta sighting
1683 to 1684—Email re sighting in Ipanema, Brasil
1685 to 1695—Email re sighting in Gale resort
1696 to 1699—Documentation from Belgium re sighting
1700 to 1701—Email re Malta sightings
1702—Service information re sighting in McDonalds in Braga
1703 to 1704—Service information from third party re sighting in Portugal
1705—Email with pdf attachment
1706 to 1714—Statements and findings re sighting in Preston
1715—Missing page
1716 to 1717—Email re sighting near Marbella golf resort
1718 to 1719—Email and details re sighting in Cape Town, South Africa
1720—Information about little boy seen with two South African men
1721—“Men Flee With Child” news story from Table Mountain, Cape Town
1722—“Missing Child Search Resumes” from Table Mountain, Cape Town
1723—Service information re sighting on Calle Alexander Sacher post248389.html#p248389
1725—Service information re sighting in Toulouse e Bourdeaux post248390.html#p248390
1726—Fax cover page
1727—Confirmation of fax
1728 to 1730—Sighting of Madeleine on bus in Albufeira
1731—Interpol document re sighting in Malta post210891.html#p210891
1732—Interpol document re sighting in Oslo post210894.html#p210894
1733—Missing page
1734—Statement of sighting in Costa del Sol
1735—Missing page
1736—Email re sighting in Cape Town, South Africa
1737—Crimestoppers document re sighting in Italy
1738 to 1740—Missing pages
1741—Email re sighting in Kenya
1742—SOCA document re sighting in Tanzania
1743—Missing page
1744—Report re sighting at Water Park/Lizard House, in Malta
1745 to 1748—Missing pages
1749—Email re Malta sighting
1750 to 1754—Missing pages
1755 to 1757—Service information with sighting details (Sintra, Portugal)
1758 to 1759—Email re sighting on
1760—Missing page
1761—Statement re sighting at Heathrow Airport
1762 to 1764—Metropolitan Police Intelligence Report
1765 to 1766—Email re sighting in Gatwick Airport
1767—Missing page
1768—Statement re sighting in Malta
1769 to 1777—Missing pages
1778—Email re sighting in Spain
1779 to 1784—Leicestershire constabulary detail sheet re Peterborough sighting
1785—Officer’s report re sighting in Torrevieca, Spain
1786 to 1787—re: Pages badly copied and hard to read
1788 to 1789—Officer’s report re sighting in Bugibba
1790—Email re verifications of sighting in Spain
1791 to 1792—Crimestoppers report re sighting in Almancil
1793 to 1795—Email re sighting in Mil Palmeras, Spain
1796 to 1798—Email from Interpol Spain re Mil Palmeras sighting
1799 to 1801—Mising pages
1802—Email re sighting on Rhodes
1803—SOCA report re sighting on Island of Rhodes
1804 to 1805—Email re sighting if two males with child in South Africa
1806—Fax cover sheet
1807—Statement re sighting in Portugal post248392.html#p248392
1808—Service information re sighting in Morocco
1809—Email re sighting in Malta
1810 to 1811—Kent Police report
1812 to 1813—Missing pages
1814—Reported sighting in the Grill cafe, Broadstairs High Street, Margate, Kent.
1815—Kent Police Restricted Officer’s Report re previously reported sighting in Cafe Grill, Broadstairs, Margate, Kent
1816—Document regarding correspondence from IP Roma post210896.html#p210896
1817—Document re sighting in Italy post210898.html#p210898
1818—Email re sighting in Cleveland, Ohio
1819 to 1820—Police Incident Message re sighting
1821—Missing page
1822—Email re crimestoppers message
1823 to 1824—Missing pages
1825 to 1826—Email re sighting in Palermo, Italy
1827 to 1829—Service Information re sighting near Hotel Monumental Lido
1830—Missing page
1831—Email re sighting in Messines
1832—Missing page
1833 to 1834—Incident report re sighting in Spain
1835—Missing page
1836—Leicestershire Constabulary Officer’s Report re reported sighting in Javea, Spain
1837 to 1838—Email re third-party sighting in Budva, Montenegro, Eastern Europe
1839—Missing page
1840 to 1843—Email re sighting in Spain
1844 to 1845—Email re sighting in Madeira
1846—Fax cover page
1847 to 1849—Email re sighting in Madeira
1850—PJ biographical file/sketch
1851—Missing page
1852—Fax cover page
1853—Email with attachment
1854 to 1855—Missing pages
1856—Correspondence re IP Madrid post210900.html#p210900
1857 to 1858—Email re Interpol RABAT post210905.html#p210905
1860 to 1861—Statement re sighting in Morocco topic6598.html
1862 to 1863—Missing pages
1864—Servce information re sighting in Setes, France
1865—SIRENE document re Setes sighting
1866 to 1868—Statement re sighting on Scheveningen beach with pictures
1869—Email re sighting in Malta
1870—Missing page
1871 to 1872—Email re Malta sighting
1873 to 1876—Missing pages
1877 to 1892—Malta Information Exchange Documents
1893—Fax cover page
1894—Fax confirmation
1895 to 1902—Emails re sightings in Marrakech
1903—Missing page
1904—Request to obtain witness statement at McDonalds in Billing, Northampton
1905 to 1909—Police details re Northampton sighting
1910 to 1914—Missing pages
1915 to 1916—Report on incident report re Northampton
1917—Email re sighting in Brasil post239241.html#p239241
1918—Email re sighting in car from Europol
1919 to 1922—Malta Information Exchange documents

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APENSOS V, Volume IX, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 09)

1923 to 1924—Sighting document from South Wales Police
1925 to 1926—Email and statement re sighting in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca
1927 to 1932—Missing pages
1933—Cover letter
1934 to 1935—Document re sighting in Lisboa
1936 to 1937—Emails re sighting in Guernsey/Weymouth
1938—Email re sighting in Croatia
1939 to 1941—Kent Police Report re sighting in Croatia
1942-1943 - Missing pages
1944 to 1945—Email re sighting in Fuerteventura
1946—Email re sighting in Malta
1947—Missing page
1948—Servcie information re sighting in Argentina post239113.html#p239113
1949—Servcie information re sighting in Edmonton, Canada post239114.html#p239114
1950 to 1951—Email re sighting in Morocco
1952 to 1957—Servcie information re Madeleine’s whereabouts from the USA
1958—Email re sighting in Malta
1959—Email re yellow notice (bad copy)
1960 to 1961—Email re sighting in Hamburg
1962—Email re sighting in Italy
1963 to 1968—Missing pages
1969—Service information re sighting in Singapore post239115.html#p239115
1970 to 1972—Email re sighting of suspected sex offender
1973 to 1975—Letter re sighting in Sete Bicas Shopping Center, Portugal
1976—Cover letter
1977—Interpol cover letter
1978 to 1981—Letter re two possible sightings in Malta
1981 to 1985—Letter and pics re sighting in Irish bank
1986 to 1987—Email re sighting in Las Palmas
1988—Missing page
1989—Email re sighting in Madrid
1990 to 1993—Missing pages
1994—Message to Crime stoppers re Madrid sighting
1995—Cover letter
1996 to 1997—Letter from Dutch police re sighting in beach with picture
1998—Missing page
1999 to 2002—Email re sighting in North Ibiza
2003 to 2005—Email re sighting in Madeira
2006—Missing page
2007—Email re sighting in beach in Portugal
2008 to 2009—Missing pages
2010 to 2012—Statement re sighting in Cyprus
2013 to 2018—Emai with attachments/pics
2019 to 2020—Service information re sighting in Geneva
2021 to 2025—Statement re sighting in Cadiz
2026—Missing page
2027—Servcie information re sighting in France
2028—Cover letter
2029 to 2030—Service information re sighting in Coimbra
2031 to 2032—Email re sighting in Mexico
2033 to 2034—Servcie information re sighting in Lisboa
2035—Missing page
2036 to 2037—Email re sighting in Malta
2038 to 2039—Email re sighting in Mallorca
2040—Statement re sighting in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2041 to 2045—Missing pages
2046—Email re sighting in Corfu
2047—Missing page
2048 to 2049—Servcie information re sighting in Karlsbad
2050 to 2055—Missing pages
2056 to 2057—Email re sighting in Menorca
2058 to 2060—Missing pages
2061—Email re sighting in Italy
2062—SOCA statement re sighting in Positano, Italy
2063—Email re sighting on flight to Brussels
2064 to 2067—Missing pages
2068—Dutch document
2069—Photo fit of Dutch suspect
2070 to 2071—Dutch document
2072 to 2076—Portuguese translation of Dutch documents
2077—Email re DNA taken from straw in Dutch snack bar/restaurant
2078 to 2080—Missing pages
2081—Email with cover information re crime stoppers information
2082 to 2085—Email re sighting in Cadiz
2084—Written correspondence re Dutch sightings
2085—Missing page
2086 to 2087—Fax cover page
2088 to 2099—Dutch document
2100 to 2101—Email re sighting in McDonalds in California
2102—Missing page
2103 to 2106—Further info re California McDonald’s sighting

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APENSOS V, Volume X, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 10)

2107—Note re sighting in Malta
2108—Email with pdf attachment
2110—Email re Malta sighting
2111 to 2112—Missing pages
2113 to 2115—Emails re sighting in Riga Old Town, Latvia
2116—Picture from Riga Old town sighting
2117—Service information re sighting in Oeiras, Portugal
2118—Vehicle registration search
2119—Cover letter
2120—Email re sighting at Tapei airport
2121—Letter re sighting in Riga Old town, Finland
2122—Copy of page 2716
2123—Letter re sighting in Padua, Italy
2124 to 2130—Pictures from Padua sighting
2131—Email and handwritten note re sighting in Italy
2132a—Partialy obscured Email from John Hughes re Italian sighting, near Lake Como
2132b—Full Email from John Hughes re Italian sighting, near Lake Como
2133—SOCA enquiry form re sighting in Lake Como
2134 to 2136—Missing pages2137—Footnote for document page 2733
2138 to 2140—Email re sighting in US with picture
2141 to 2143—Email re information received from France
2144 to 2145—Email re sighting in the Netherlands
2146—Missing page
2147 to 2161—Email re reported sighting on a bus between Salerno and Cava de' Tirreni, Italy, 19th July 2007
2162 to 2164—Missing pages
2165—Email from DC John Hughes re reported sighting on Isle of Gozo, Malta, (E-mail dated 21st July 2007)
2166—Incident report re sighting on Isle of Gozo, Malta
2167 to 2170—Missing pages
2171—Letter re sighting in vehicle in Italy
2172 to 2173—Missing pages
2174 to 2175—Email and event chronology report re reported sighting in Koroni, Messenia, Greece, on the 7th & 8th July 2007
2176—Email re sighting in Spain
2177 to 2179—Police report re reported sighting at "Alcer Seera"(sic) Resort, Spain, 1st July 2007
2180 to 2182—Mising documents
2183 to 2185—Emails re reported sighting in the Gardenia Park Hotel, Torre Blanco, Spain, (8th July 2007)
2186—Missing page
2187—Email re sighting in Jerusalem
2188—Report re sighting in Jerusalem
2189—Missing page
2190—Letter re sighting in Italy
2191—Letter re sighting in Florence, Italy
2192 to 2193—Letter re sighting in Italy
2194—Handwritten note re sighting in vehicle in Israel
2195 to 2198—Email re sighting in Israel and Essex Police Incident Report re that reported sighting
2199—Missing page
****page number change ****
2200—Cover letter re sighting document received from PT Ambassador in Pretoria
2201—Letter re sighting in Millenezza Pizzeria, Centro City, Johannesburg, South Africa
2202—Missing page
2203 to 2205—Cover letters
2206 to 2210—Documents from Brussels
2211 to 2212—Copy of yellow pages
2213 to 2214—Translation of Dutch documents (pages 2206 to 2210)
2215 to 2217—Child focus fax
2219 to 2252—Duth documents with Portuguese translations re investigation leads
2253—Cover letter
2254—Information page
2255—Email re sighting in Renault Kangoo in Portugal
2256—Sussex Police Information report re Renault Kangoo
2257 to 2259—Missing pages
2260—Handwritten note re sighting in Bordogne
2261 to 2266—Missing pages
2267—SOCA enquiry form re reported sighting in Perigueux, France
2268 to 2269—Emails re French sighting
2270 to 2772—Missing pages
2273—Officer’s report re sighting in Cornwall
2274—Email with jpg attachments
2275 to 2280—jpg pictures
2281—Copy of page 2274
2283 to 2285—Missing pages
2286 to 2287—Documents re sighting in Marseille airport
2288—Service information re sighting in Rock’s Bar in Albufeira
2289—Email re French national’s sighting of Madeleine
2290 to 2297—Police report re French national’s sighting
2298 to 2299—Missing pages
2300—Email re sighting in France
2301 to 2302—Missing pages
2303—SOCA enquiry form re sighting in Perigueux, France
2304—Missing page
2305—Email re sighting in Johannesburg, SA
2306—SOCA enquiry form re sighting in Johannesburg
2307—Email re South African sighting
2308—Copy of page 2306
2309—Missing page
2310 to 2311—Police report re reported sighting in Nador, Morocco, near the Moroccan/ Spanish Border
2312—Missing page
2313 to 2214—Email re reported sighting in La Caleta,Tenerife, Spain, (4th July 2007)
2315—Cover letter
2316 to 2317—Service information re suspicious vehicle in Amares
2318—Service information regarding anonymous tip in Morocco post245444.html#p245444
2319 to 2321—Missing pages
2322 to 2325—Email re follow up re reported sighting in Torrevieja, Spain, (12th July 2007)
2326 to 2328—Further Email re Susan Haynes' reported sighting in Torrevieja, Spain, (12th July 2007)
2329-2333 (PDF Pages 191-195) handwritten letter, in English, by Mrs McCombes regarding a reported sighting in Seville, Spain, (13th July 2007)
2334-2335 (PDF Pages 196-197), handwritten letter in English, by Mr McCombes also referring to a reported sighting in Seville, Spain, (13th July 2007)
2336 (PDF Page 198), Map of San Juan, Argentina with hand-written message saying “Here is Madeleine”.
2337 (PDF Page 199), Sighting in a restaurant in Braga..
2338 (PDF Page 200), sketch of restaurant.
2339 (PDF Page 201), continuation Braga restaurant sighting.
2340 missing page.
2341 (PDF Page 202), Info received from Crimestoppers re – sighting in Macao airport.
2342—Email re sighting in Macau
2343—SOCA enquiry form re sighting in Macau airport
2344 to 2347—Email re sighting in Greece
2348—Email re sightings in Buenos Aires
2349—Emails re reported sighting in Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands, by a Femmigie van Den Bosch, (16th June 2007)
2350—Email re reported sighting in Holland by a Linda Baines, (Actual date of the reported sighting is not indicated within this Report)
2351—Missing page
2352 to 2353—Report re sighting in France

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APENSOS V, Volume XI, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 11)

2251—SIRENE document
****page numbers change here****
2358—Police report re reported sighting at the Florence Highway Toll Station, Italy, (Mid-July 2007)
2359—Servcie information re sighting in Chaves
2360—Missing page
2361—Fax cover page re reported sighting in Croydon, Surrey, England, (17th July 2007)
2362 to 2369—Police Incident Report of reported sighting near Croydon, Surrey, England, 17th July 2007
2370—Cover page
2371—Letter re sighting in Attalya Park Hotel, Southern Spain
2372 to 2373—Cover Letter re possible Irish sexual predator in Portugal topic117.html
2374 to 2375—Missing page
2377—Fax confirmation
2378—Fax cover page
2379 to 2380—report re sighting in playground in the UK
2381—handwritten note re sighting in Albufeira
2382—Email re reported location near Tarra Gona(sic), Spain, (18th July 2007)
2383 to 2386—Pictures
2387 to 2398—Emails re reported locations, by Koos van Rensburg (from South Africa), in Spain and off Spanish Coast, (On various dates during early-mid July 2007)
2399—Email re reported sighting at a Farm Camping Site in Holland, (19th July 2007)
2400—SOCA Enquiry Form re reported sighting at a Farm Camping Site in Holland, (19th July 2007)
2401 to 2402—Missing pages
2403—Statement by Mrs. Melanie Winfield re reported sighting at De Boderie Farm Camp Site in Holland, (19th July 2007)
2404—Missing page
2405 to 2408—Email with jpgs received from IP Roma
2409—Report re sighting in Salerno-Cavi e dei Tirreni post210910.html#p210910
2410—Missing page
2411 to 2412—Crimestoppers Report re reported sighting in Corinthia Palace Hotel, Malta, (19th and 20th July 2007)
2413—Missing page
2414—Email re reported sighting in Dubrovnik, Croatia, (18th or 19th July 2007, (or possibly both dates))
2415 to 2416—Missing pages
2417—Letter re sighting in Salerno post210912.html#p210912
2418—E-mail re Crimestoppers Information Log Report
2419 to 2420—Missing page
2421 to 2422—Email re reported sighting on flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town. (Possibly during the 1st week in August 2007)
2423 to 2429—Missing pages
2430—Email re Statement of a reported sighting by a Jessica van Tuinen, in a Restaurant in Laugres, France, (27th July 2007), and another reported sighting by a Mr and Mrs Powell, at a beach hotel in Nissaki, Corfu, Greece, (21st July 2007)
2431—Portuguese Language reference Report re reported sighting by a Jessica van Tuinen, in a Restaurant in Laugres, France, (27th July 2007)
2432 to 2441—Missing pages
2442—Email re sighting in Vietnam
2443—Cover letter
2444—Service information re sighting in Croatia post243994.html#p243994
2445—Service information re sighting in Benidorm post243996.html#p243996
2446—Email re reported sighting in Florida, USA, (In late July, 2007)
2447 to 2452— Police Report re reported sighting in Walt Disney World, Florida, USA, (In late July 2007)
2453—Letter re sighting in/near Gotthard Tunnel post243998.html#p243998
2454—Cover letter
2456—Service Information re sighting in Vila Nova de Cerveira
2457—Email re Malta sighting
2458—Statement re sighting in Catholic Church in Adelaide post239240.html#p239240
2459—Email re Spain sighting
2460 to 2461—Police Report re reported sightings in Playa Flamenca Complex, Torrevieja, Spain.(29th and 31st July 2007)
2462—E-Mail re reported sighting in an Indonesian Restaurant in Denia, Costa Brava, Spain, (25th July 2007)
2463 to 2464—Intelligence Report by Kent Police re reported sighting in an Indonesian Restaurant in Denia, Costa Brava, Spain, (25th July 2007)
2465—Missing page
2466 to 2469—Email, and Finnish Police Report, re reported sighting in Riga, Latvia, by a Mrs A. M. Bjors, (a Finnish National), (June 16th 2007)
2470—Missing page
2471 to 2476—Emails re Request for a Review re reported sighting in Mexico City, (25th July 2007)
2477—Portuguese language Report re reported sighting in Mexico.
2478—Cover page
2479 to 2480—Report re sightings in France and Italy
2482 to 2487—Spanish document re sighting in (Dreamland) Spain
2488—Letter re Finnish police specialist dogs post247761.html#p247761
2489—Letter re sighting in Belgium
2490 to 2491—Letter re sighting in France
2492—GNR cover page
2493—report re sighting in Vila Nova de Cerveira
2494—Email re reported sighting in Marrakesh, Morocco, (27th July 2007)
2495—Missing page
2496—Email re reported sighting in Tongeren, Belgium, (28th July 2007)
2497—Letter re reported sighting in Tongeren, Belgium, (28th July 2007)
2498—Email re Review Request re reported sighting in Spain, (No indication herein, re which reported Spanish sighting this refers to)
2499 to 2501—Email re reported sighting in Playa Famenca Complex, Torrevieja, Spain, (29th July 2007)
2502—Email re reported sighting in Playa Famenca Complex, Torrevieja, Spain, (29th July 2007)
2503—Email re Crimestoppers report re reported sighting in Playa Famenca Complex, Torrevieja, Spain, (29th July 2007)
2504-2506—Missing pages
2507 to 2509—Email and note re sighting in Playa Flamenca Complex, Torrevieja, Spain, (29th July 2007)
2510—Email with attachments from IP Roma
2511—Letter from Interpol Rome, re reported sighting in Brescia, Italy, (29th July 2007)
2512 to 2516—Correpondence re Brescia sighting
2517—Email with attachments from IP Haia
2518 to 2521—Poor quality images??
2522 to 2524—Pictures of Madeleine
2525 to 2528—Email re reported sighting on Poipu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii, (July 30th 2007)
2529 to 2531—Email re sighting in Montreal, Canada
2532 to 2535—Email re reported sighting in Amsterdam, (Probably on Sunday, 29th July 2007)

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APENSOS V, Volume XII, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 12)

2535 to 2536—Email re Report of "hearing crying child" in Europa Hotel, Belevedere, Italy, (On the 1st or 2nd August 2007) topic104-520.html
2537 to 2538—Witness Statement re "hearing crying child" in Europa Hotel, Belevedere, Italy, (On the 1st or 2nd August 2007) topic104-520.html
2539 to 2540—Missing pages
2541—Email re 2 previously reported Maltese sightings, (Dates of sightings not indicated here) topic104-530.html
2542—Portuguese handwritten note re 2 previously reported Maltese sightings, (Dates of sightings not indicated here) topic104-530.html
2543—Service information re sighting in Germany
2545—Service information re phone call from SIC journalist post115260.html#p115260
2546 to 2547—Missing pages
2548—Handritten note re sighting in a Mercedes in France
2549—SIRENE document
2550 to 2551—SiSone 4All search re sighting in Mercedes in France
2552—Missing page
2553—Email re reported sighting in Lisbon, Portugal, (2nd August 2007) topic104-530.html
2554 to 2555—Strathclyde Police Witness Statement re reported sighting in Lisbon, Portugal, (2nd August 2007) topic104-530.html
2556 to 2557—Missing pages
2558 to 2562—Email re reported sighting in Lisbon, Portugal, (2nd August 2007), together with Witness Statement, (virtually a copy of pages 2553 to 2555) topic104-530.html
2563 to 2564—Email re reported sighting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (3rd August 2007) topic104-530.html
2565 to 2566—Witness statement, (by Isabella Millar Brown (or Finlayson(sic)), re reported sighting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (3rd August 2007) topic104-530.html
2567—Additional Witness statement, by Helen Hope, re reported sighting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (3rd August 2007) topic104-530.html
2568 to 2569—Email re reported sighting in Roscoff, Brittany, France, (3rd August 2007) topic104-530.html
2570 - Missing page
2571—Handwritten note, in Portuguese Language, re reported sighting in Roscoff, Brittany, France, (3rd August 2007) topic104-540.html
2572 to 2573—Email re reported sighting in Sanibeech Hotel, ?Halkidiki, Greece, (On several occasions during the period 3rd August-16th August 2007)" topic104-540.html
2574 to 2578—Email with pictures, (with query re possibly being of Madeleine McCann), which were taken in Spain, (On August 3, 2007) topic104-540.html
2579 to 2581—Emails re possible report from "The Resident", (possibly forwarded by a reporter from that Portuguese newspaper). (a very poor quality reproduction of report) topic104-540.html
2582—Blank page
2583—Email and attached report re McCann family and their hire vehicle, (Sent 1st October 2007) topic104-540.html
2584 to 2585—Witness Statement, (Annonymous), re reported sighting by Bath Abbey, Bath, Somerset, England, (4th August 2007) topic104-540.html
2586 to 2587—Email re reported sighting in Prague, Czech Republic, Eastern Europe, (At sometime during May 2007) topic104-540.html
2588—Handwritten note, (in Portuguese), re reported sighting in Prague, Czech Republic, Eastern Europe, (At sometime during May 2007)
2589 to 2591—Missing pages
2592—Email re report re possible location of Madeleine, in outskirts of Marrakech, Morocco topic6598.html
2593—Missing page
2594—Email with jpg attachments
2595 to 2609—Pictures (poor quality)
2611—Interpol document re sighting in the Netherlands post211134.html#p211134
2612 to 2613—Email re reported sighting at St Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Adelaide, South Australia, (Around about the 25th July 2007) topic104-540.html
2614—Missing page
2615—Correspondence from IP Rabat post115285.html#p115285
2616—Letter re sighting in Tangier post115289.html#p115289
2617—Further correspondence re Tangier sighting
2618—Correspodenence from IP Wiesbaden
2619—Correspodence re sighting in Spain post115294.html#p115294
2620—Correspondence re sighting in Praia da Luz in October of 2007 post115280.html#p115280
2621 to 2622—E-mail, via Kent Police, re reported sighting (somewhere) in Spain, (25th July 2007) topic104-550.html
2623 to 2624—Intelligence Report, from Kent Police. (May be in relation to reported sighting (somewhere) in Spain, (25th July 2007) (A very poor quality reproduction) topic104-550.html
2625—Missing page
2626—French correspondence
2627 to 2653—Various French document from French Ministry of the Interior and French police
2654—Information re file pages 3889 to 3915
2655 to 2656—Email re "Spanish letter.doc" from Sussex Police topic104-550.html
2657 to 2658—Extremely poor reproduction of what appears to be a 2-page handwritten letter. (May be related to the "Spanish letter.doc" referred to by Sussex Police) topic104-550.html
2660 to 2661—Email from Belgium Interpol
2662 to 2666—Letter, documents and clippings re sighting in Dreamland in Belgium
2667—Email with pictures from IP Haia
2668 to 2678—pictures
2679 to 2680—Missing pages
2682—Service information re sighting in Lourdes-Franca
2683—Missing page
2684—Confirmation of fax
2685 to 2686—Emails re reported sighting in Brussels, Belgium, (on Sunday 12th August 2007) topic104-550.html
2687—Fax confirmation with handwritten notes
2688—Missing page
2689—Correspondence document translated
2690—Statement re sighting in Ibiza post243989.html#p243989
2691 to 2692—Email re information received by Kennemerland Police regarding a reported sighting in Gorssel, The Netherlands, (On Sunday 12th August 2007, and on Monday 13th August, 2007) topic104-550.html
2693—Missing page
2694 to 2695—Email re reported sighting in Marks & Spencer Store, Rhyl, North Wales, (On 12th August 2007) topic104-550.html
2696 to 2696—Fax from SIRENE ITALY, regarding reported sighting in Ibiza, Spain. (Twice between 12th and the 15th August 2007) topic104-550.html
2698 to 2699—Further Email re previously reported sighting in Gorssel, The Netherlands, (On Sunday 12th August 2007, and on Monday 13th August, 2007) topic104-550.html
2701—Missing page
2702 to 2703—Email re anonymously reported location in Holiday Park Riviera, Courriere, Belgium topic104-560.html
2705—Letter re sighting in Ibiza
2706—Handwritten note re sighting in Bangladesh
2707 to 2708—Email re reported sighting in India, (Date/location not indicated within legible parts of this report) topic104-560.html
2709—Missing page
2710—Email re report of "hearing a little girl crying" in apartment 41, residential LAS Conhas, Garrucha, Costa Almeria, Spain, (Probably on Monday, 13th August, 2007) topic104-560.html
2711 to 2712—Missing pages
2713—E-mail re reported sighting in an Italian Restaurant in the muncipality of Vandoeuvres, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, (On the 14th August 2007) topic104-560.html
2714—Email re sighting in Spain
2715—Missing page
2716—Email re sighting in Morocco topic6195-10.html
2717—Missing page
2718—Email from DC John Hughes re "collated sightings in Spain report" topic104-560.html
2719 to 2720—Collated report of multiple (ie..5) reported sighting in Spain, sent by Leicestershire Constabulary topic104-560.html
2721 to 2723—Missing page
2724—Handwritten Statement, (in English), which reports a sighting in ?Nijmegen, Holland, (On Saturday 18th August 2007) topic104-560.html
2725—Handwritten note re sighting in Hotel in Chiclana, Spain
2726 to 2728—Witness statement, (handwritten), re reported sighting in Sancti Perti, Chiclana, Southern Spain, (On 16th August 2007) topic104-560.html
2729—Missing page
2730—Email re reported sighting in Sancti Petri, Chiclana, Southern Spain, (On 16th August 2007) topic104-560.html
2731 to 2733—Partial Copy of Witness statement, plus additional address etc information of witness, re reported sighting in Sancti Petri, Chiclana, Southern Spain, (On 16th August 2007) topic104-560.html
2734—Missing page
2736—Document re sighting in Velas de Sao Joao
2737 to 2738—Service information re sighting in Velas de Sao Joao
2739 to 2740—Email with letter attachment (from unknown person), re previously reported sighting in India, (Date/location not indicated within legible parts of this report)" topic104-570.html
2741—Blank page
2742 to 2749—Email containing handwritten letter, with a further handwritten statement included (as furnished to the Police), re reported sighting in Bournemouth, Dorset, England, (On Sunday 17th June 2007) topic104-570.html

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