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Interviews with PI Joseph Moura

Where's Maddie? - Peter Van Sant Reports On The Madeleine McCann Case

"I never in a million years thought it could have been Madeleine. ... It was just complete shock and complete horror that I might have seen Madeleine being abducted," says Jane Tanner, one of the McCanns' dinner companions the night of Madeleine's disappearance, in her first public interview on 48 Hours Mystery reported by correspondent Peter Van Sant.

In this exclusive interview, Tanner, one of the McCanns' friends and dinner companions at The Tapas Restaurant the night of Maddie's disappearance, describes catching a glimpse of an oddly dressed man carrying a child. "I just saw somebody walking across the top of the road…that person was carrying a child," she recounts. "I could tell it was a child…I could see the pajamas and the feet." Tanner initially thought nothing of it, but is now certain that she saw the abduction in progress.

Tanner goes on to say that she told police what she saw that same night. "As soon as the police arrived, they were brought to the apartment and I told them what I'd seen…And then the CID (Criminal Investigative Department) people arrived a little later I again told them exactly what I'd seen."

Her description even led to an artist's rendering distributed by the family a month ago.

Tanner strongly supports the McCanns, saying they had nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance, "We know Kate and Gerry well. We know that there's no way that what the media are saying is true. It's just madness."

Francisco Marco, a Spanish private investigator hired by a supporter of the McCanns, expresses a similar sentiment, claiming to have answers the whole world has been waiting for. "We're 100 percent sure that she is alive. We are sure she was abducted. We are very, very close to finding the kidnapper."

In addition to these explosive revelations, 48 Hours has acquired information from a highly placed source in the investigation who discloses that Portuguese police are now not investigating homicide by Kate and Gerry McCann as a possibility. 48 Hours has also learned from police sources that the DNA is inconclusive and will not solve this case. 48 Hours also went undercover, hiring top U.S. private investigator Joseph Moura, who has handled cases in Portugal. Moura unearthed eyewitness accounts that contradict both the local investigators' and the McCanns' versions of the events of May 3.

What really happened the night Madeleine McCann vanished? Are the McCanns and their friends telling the entire truth? Are authorities close to catching someone?

This 48 Hours report was prepared in cooperation with the BBC and Portugal's SIC television.
Produced By Doug Longhini, Joe Halderman, Liza Finley, Avi Cohen, Patti Aronofsky and Peter Henderson

in CBS

Joseph Moura on the McCanns - extract

«Joseph Moura, an investigative consultant for "48 Hours Mystery," has followed the McCann case for years. He said he thinks Madeleine has been killed.

"I don't believe she is alive and I said it from the very beginning," he told "Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez. "This case is the highest publicity case of any kidnapping or missing child that I've ever seen. And anyone who had this child was going to get rid of the child because they just couldn't afford, you couldn't travel throughout Europe and this child would not have been seen. So, I felt from the very beginning, you know, possibly too much publicity on this case was a problem."

But the search continues, despite dwindling funds. Rodriguez pointed out the couple had around $3 million in a fund for their search. What happened to that money?

Moura explained, "Once the initial investigation was handled by the police department, they were fortunate enough to have some celebrities and high-profile people invest money into a fund for the investigation and that's exactly where the money went. They hired three teams of investigators. They chased every lead in the world and, unfortunately, the money is running out. But again, it's a situation where a lot of those leads are just not leading to anything that was concrete. And now they're desperate because they realize that the law enforcement is not going to be able to proceed and they don't have the budget to continue and investigation without any possible leads."

But will the police pick up the case again?

Moura said, "As everybody knows, the McCanns were the number one suspects in this case. They've been taken off the suspect list in Portugal, but unfortunately is that there is an unlimited sources available to continue an investigation without any leads. And the police in Portugal still think that the McCanns were involved in this case and that the investigation is sort of pursued against them. So, they are going to have a difficult team in reference to coming up with additional resources, at least in Portugal, where law enforcement is going to look at this case seriously in any other direction. They are not going to follow the leads all over the world as the McCanns have done with their own private investigator."

The investigation focused on the McCanns in its early stages. Why?

Moura said, "Well, I think originally the situation was -- was, you know, the parents were not as truthful as they should have been in the beginning stages of the case and at that point in time, the police got very suspicious and started pursuing that avenue of investigation and they just, you know, focused on that and unfortunately, at the time, they really didn't go in any other direction. They had a couple other suspects they looked at, but really strongly focused on the McCanns. It's unfortunate but still in Portugal people still believe the McCanns were involved and it's very difficult, at that point, to get the public, at least, behind them in coming up with additional sources and to be able to further the investigation." »

in CBS ... 1395.shtml

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