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transcript and translation by Joana Morais

«The McCanns' Lawyer, Isabel Duarte, shoots in all directions but mainly towards at Inspector Ricardo Paiva - who seems to have been singled out as a new target, as Amaral has proven to be way out of their league. According to witnesses, this is a milder preview of what was described as Duarte's 'antics' in Court, during her Final Allegations.» in Justice For Madeleine


Video title: McCanns/Amaral Final Hearing
February 10th

Cut to: Sky News footage of the press conference, subtitled «This is what the Media showed you» with Gerry McCann saying: "There is one real reason why we've come here and taken this action".

Cut to title: «It was more like this»

Cut to: Portuguese Journalist footage, unedited and in full here : «Exclusive Video: McCanns Press Conference»

Portuguese Journalist: If you volunteer to do a reconstruction wouldn't that open the case?

Gerry McCann: We want to create information that will lead us to us helping find Madeleine.

Portuguese Journalist: That will help Madeleine. Don't you think so?

Gerry McCann: Well if it does then, you know, we will participate.

Portuguese Journalist: You are in Lisbon. You could take that step today. Ask for the case to be reopened and do a reconstruction with your friends

Cut to title: «Don't Stand by, ASK WHY»

IV [video part]

Sandra Felgueiras: Can we ask you, what is the intention of this action made to TVI, at the Oeiras Court, is it an action filed by you or by the McCanns?

Isabel Duarte: The Oeiras Court is the competent one to judge actions against TVI, and TVI has a temporary injunction, where they are forbidden to divulge the thesis of death and of cadaver concealment. And since the injunction was published [sic], TVI violated several times that Court order - They can't do it, they've comitted various crimes.

video cut/inset of Palácio da Justiça building

Isabel Duarte: Most of the notifications [reports] that I analysed on Friday, I had access to the process, most of the notifications should have deserved an investigation by the Portuguese Police, and they didn't.

Unknown Portuguese Female Reporter: And why do you think that happened?

Isabel Duarte: I have no idea.

Sandra Felgueiras: Did you intend to say that the PJ is systematically disregarding leads that could re-open the case?

Isabel Duarte: I didn't intend to say, I said it. I said that the Judiciary Police has archived all the notifications sent by the Leicester police, by French police, Spanish police...erm...notifications that are in the process.

Multiple questions: [unintelligible]

Isabel Duarte: I don't have to interpret the decisions of someone who came in here as a witness, saying that he believes that Madeleine is dead and that is at this moment investigating the whereabouts of Madeleine. I don't think that I need to...

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist: Should he be removed?

Isabel Duarte: ... I don't think that I need to do any interpretation about this.

Sandra Felgueiras: Are you asking for Inspector Ricardo Paiva's removal?

Isabel Duarte: I'm not asking anything. I...

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist: Do you believe the Judiciary Police could have done a lot more, than what they did?

Isabel Duarte: What I'm saying is, the notifications that I analysed, most of them, deserved to be investigated by the Police. If I was...erm... If I had any responsibility on that process, namely and probably I have it in representing Madeleine, I'm not sure...

video cut

Sandra Felgueiras: You believe this is something that reflects the feelings of the public opinion and of the Police itself?

Isabel Duarte: I...

Sandra Felgueiras: That is, a rejection of the McCanns's version about the disappearence?

Isabel Duarte: I analysed the process because there were two contradictory versions made by two witnesses in this injunction proceedings. First, the prosecutor [Magalhães e Menezes] who said that there was no relevant information that deserved an investigation. And the second one, by Mr. Ricardo Paiva, who said that there were a series of information, that he was investigating. Therefore, I had to go see, what information was down there [Portimão] and that he was investigating, because I had to inform my clients when they came here today.

Sandra Felgueiras: But in this particular case...

Isabel Duarte: And I knew there were information from the Leicester Police, several, sent down there to the process. So...

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist 1: What is the practical consequence of that now? Now that you are aware of that reality, what is the practical consequence of that?

Isabel Duarte: Now, I will have a meeting with the lawyers that are constituted [appointed] in that process. I investigated the process because I constituted myself as an assistant in Madeleine McCann's name. And now I'll have to reunite with the lawyers that are in that process who are my client's representatives in that process, and we will have to decide what is actually going on, and I don't need to imply anything, because a witness that came in here to say that he believes that Madeleine is dead, it is him who has the responsibility to investigate where she is...

Multiple questions: [unintelligible]

Sandra Felgueiras: Do you believe that with that the process can be re-opened, that is, with those clues that the Inspector Ricardo Paiva, isn't, allegedly, investigating. Could those leads be new data needed to re-open the case?

Isabel Duarte: What I said was that, these clues deserved an investigation from Police in other countries, therefore I reckon they should be investigated by the Portuguese Police.

Multiple questions: [unintelligible]

Foreign Citizen's Woman Voice [in Portuguese]: A reconstitution, wouldn't that be good?

Isabel Duarte: Madam, I am not... I can't be part of the reconstruction, I wasn't there.

Sandra Felgueiras: Therefore to you...

Isabel Duarte: Yes.

Sandra Felgueiras: ...the evidence you saw are sufficient to re-open the process?

Isabel Duarte: erm...What I've seen was various relevant information, photos, possible locations, license plates...

Sandra Felgueiras: That your clients didn't yet identify?

Isabel Duarte: My clients are knowing it now. My clients knew about this now. I have the documentation with me to deliver to them.

Sandra Felgueiras: And the photos that you've seen, did they seem to be of Madeleine?

Isabel Duarte: There are photos who are similar to the girl, erm, even shocking, and there are others...

Sandra Felgueiras: Shocking, why?

Isabel Duarte: It doesn't matter.

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist 2: You said that Inspector Ricardo Paiva lied, are you planning to act criminally against him, as you did with...?

Sandra Felgueiras: [in simultaneous with the above reporter] The situation is shocking?

Isabel Duarte: [in simultaneous with the above reporter] The situation where the girl is in, yes.

Isabel Duarte: No, in relation to Inspector Ricardo Paiva, the importance that I give to him is the importance of knowing if he should be heading or not the investigation to this process, because...

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist 3: So, you are definitely placing him in question?

Isabel Duarte: I am not... What I said should not be interpreted beyond my words.

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist 1: Doctor [doctor is applied to anyone who has an University degree], so let's try to speak in a clear way. Before what you said...

Isabel Duarte: My words are clear, for you and for other persons.

Cut to: McCanns getting inside the car.


in JM's blog video by Justice for Madeleine

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