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PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:23 pm 
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401435769509658624|Fri Nov 15 19:45:20 +0000 2013|#McCann This Home Office news is appalling and should be exposed, it wd appear HO fear a PJ backlash if news released
401435333482393600|Fri Nov 15 19:43:36 +0000 2013|@BobWillstay1 Good one ! point taken, I do go a bit mad on the upper case, will try to resist, thanks
401434534027091968|Fri Nov 15 19:40:25 +0000 2013|@Dantew28 see Gaels link, it makes sickening reading
401434222650331136|Fri Nov 15 19:39:11 +0000 2013|@GaeMar01 @TransparencyUK This is a disgrace and stinks to high heavens
401433182798503938|Fri Nov 15 19:35:03 +0000 2013|#McCann Okay, so now we find that recently an e mail sent to Stephen Birch threatening legal action on HIM, Daily Star also threatened
401427055327195136|Fri Nov 15 19:10:42 +0000 2013|@martin_liz @Mumblingaway @Nostradamews @k1482 done it but it keeps retweeting it to me , it is on here but quite a bit lower down
401426603718500352|Fri Nov 15 19:08:55 +0000 2013|RT @GaeMar01: Home Office is withholding information required by Scotland Yard re. #McCann case ... t-done-it/
401426114158927872|Fri Nov 15 19:06:58 +0000 2013|@martin_liz @Mumblingaway @Nostradamews @k1482 I will have a go, off to try it
401425061342494720|Fri Nov 15 19:02:47 +0000 2013|@Mumblingaway @Nostradamews @k1482 ON MY TIME LINE, CANT WORK OUT HOW TO PUT IT ON HERE
401424824938930176|Fri Nov 15 19:01:51 +0000 2013|#McCann GOT IT ON MY TIME LINE NOW HOW DO I GET IT HERE, NOT V GOOD ON TECHNO STUFF GAEL HOME OFFICE
401423507856179200|Fri Nov 15 18:56:37 +0000 2013|@Mumblingaway @Nostradamews @k1482 They have McCann info they will not give to SY
401423298958860288|Fri Nov 15 18:55:47 +0000 2013|@Nostradamews @Mumblingaway @k1482 Wish I knew how 2 retweet, but it was 30 mins ago on here and his page
401422866102501376|Fri Nov 15 18:54:04 +0000 2013|Gael posted on here earlier, he is an investigative journalist and is digging deep ( see his Twitter page)
401422043784028160|Fri Nov 15 18:50:47 +0000 2013|#McCann Gaels revelation about the HO is scary for us all what ever " side" we r on. Why wd Home office refuse info f Gods sake
401420453903745024|Fri Nov 15 18:44:28 +0000 2013|#McCann WHT WOULD THE HOME OFFICE BE WITH HOLDING MCCANN INFO FROM SY. IT MUST BE DYNAMITE
401418393821011968|Fri Nov 15 18:36:17 +0000 2013|#McCann But Olly, going beyond " confidences" there are some who are relentlessly attacking hour after hour, day after day, its cruel
401416984748769280|Fri Nov 15 18:30:41 +0000 2013|@GaeMar01 I am shocked that the Home office is withholding information on the McCanns, what can we do about it?
401415523201593344|Fri Nov 15 18:24:53 +0000 2013|#Mccann, Liz is on no " side" she is working through ideas herself, why is she singled out because of this
401410876286062592|Fri Nov 15 18:06:25 +0000 2013|#mcann What happened to katie Hopkins stance on the Mc Canns, not one peep, could have been a force for good
401398284247248896|Fri Nov 15 17:16:23 +0000 2013|@DaSteelMan me too, BTW is the new FB group good? will have a gander
401397163277561856|Fri Nov 15 17:11:55 +0000 2013|@jontaito @Maggie_Thistle I am hoping that when the Dramatisation is shown it will expose more holes than a trawler mans net
401396661466836992|Fri Nov 15 17:09:56 +0000 2013|@jontaito @Zwicky321 Well, interesting news, with real hope that the farce of the story will be seen in all its glory
401396189167222784|Fri Nov 15 17:08:03 +0000 2013|@jontaito Yes, with 4 fairly high up experts analysing the probabilities of the events, I think it will be a big turning point
401395228055064576|Fri Nov 15 17:04:14 +0000 2013|#McCann When the recon is done it will be evident how much the McCanns story has continually undermined itself and will open a can of worms
401394058595037184|Fri Nov 15 16:59:35 +0000 2013|#McCann Great news about the re-constitution of the crime, with leading experts, will await that with interest.
401301917931827200|Fri Nov 15 10:53:27 +0000 2013|#McCann Lest I am accused of bias, I would not stand by and see ANYONE of you on here getting bullied and wd say the same if it was a PRO
401300811856101376|Fri Nov 15 10:49:04 +0000 2013|#McCann I could support something all my life and then change my views, I would not like to be made unhappy over it, it wd be my right
401298591295107072|Fri Nov 15 10:40:14 +0000 2013|#McCann Liz is to be applauded, there is NO black and white here and anyone has the right to seek answers without being bullied constantly
401294979676401664|Fri Nov 15 10:25:53 +0000 2013|#McCann So much LOL ing, could it be hysteria, very worrying so much mirth so little that is funny
401294289642074112|Fri Nov 15 10:23:08 +0000 2013|#McCann Funny coincidence that K is whining about exhaustion and stress JUST prior to Lisbon, nice try K,
401293408930496512|Fri Nov 15 10:19:39 +0000 2013|@Harry_Helmet @Justice_forum yep very scary having to be questioned, better to try for " woe is me"
401289796204511232|Fri Nov 15 10:05:17 +0000 2013|@Justice_forum Well they wd went they, address emotively rather than be accountable, quell surprise
401289230124449792|Fri Nov 15 10:03:02 +0000 2013|#McCann SCORN, RIDICULE AND LOL s FROM PROs ARE TELLING AND DOES NOTHING TO ANS Qs
401287922155933696|Fri Nov 15 09:57:50 +0000 2013|#McCann Q What better use of time than to expose lies, deceit and wrong, is my and to" Nothing better to do with your time sarcasm
401286339275923456|Fri Nov 15 09:51:33 +0000 2013|#McCann 3 GOOD PEOPLE PAID A HUGE PRICE IN THIS TRAGEDY ,MADDIE, TONY BENNETT AND AMARAL
401282675647868929|Fri Nov 15 09:37:00 +0000 2013|#McCann PJ is a Catholic country and the people would not endorse priest being Prosecuted ergo his secret is safe alas
401282045365600256|Fri Nov 15 09:34:29 +0000 2013|@hondo1650 the " Black shirts and Hitler Youth followed, endorsing evil without questioning, the dangers of ignorance
401277739585372160|Fri Nov 15 09:17:23 +0000 2013|#McCann AGREED PRIEST WD NOT HAVE REACTED THUS TO CONF OF SORROW AT LEAVING KIDS
401275805164003328|Fri Nov 15 09:09:41 +0000 2013|#McCann SEE THE PROS SEARCHING FEVERISHLY "MYTHS EXPOSED" 2 FIND ANSWERS 2 SO MANY QS
401274168122937344|Fri Nov 15 09:03:11 +0000 2013|#McCann FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF PRIEST SAY HIS LIFE WAS RUINED BY MCCANNS
401273455598768130|Fri Nov 15 09:00:21 +0000 2013|@CsChristine66 @wotsbutlerdoing @UglieTruth and WHY has it reportedly " ruined his life" according to family and friends
401273152111517696|Fri Nov 15 08:59:09 +0000 2013|@CsChristine66 @UglieTruth Also remember Priest left them alone with the key ?????
401269859285102592|Fri Nov 15 08:46:04 +0000 2013|@Scally_Lama This " Law" has been used for decades frustratingly, Priests will go to Jail rather than reveal
401268619272658944|Fri Nov 15 08:41:08 +0000 2013|@Scally_Lama A Catholic law, the Sanctity of the Confessional
401033708037083136|Thu Nov 14 17:07:41 +0000 2013|@KTHopkins Disappointed to hear nothing more about the Mccanns, really thought you might open the hornets nest
401027504867000321|Thu Nov 14 16:43:02 +0000 2013|@DaSteelMan I would really consider reporting this to the Police, it is beyond acceptable
401021628445757440|Thu Nov 14 16:19:41 +0000 2013|@sarfrazmanzoor I E fit suppressed for 5 years, PIs threatened with legal action as they were " hypercritical" of McCanns. something v wrong
401018600317657090|Thu Nov 14 16:07:39 +0000 2013|@sarfrazmanzoor , Just a daft name, happy to use real one, I only wish to know the answer to the above, so many angry people asking same
401009994662821888|Thu Nov 14 15:33:27 +0000 2013|@TheJeremyPaxman Anomalies, discrepancies and lies of McCanns ought to be challenged, please
401009129335955457|Thu Nov 14 15:30:01 +0000 2013|@sarfrazmanzoor Why are the anomalies , inconsistencies and unanswered Qs of McCanns unchallenged
400998446804393984|Thu Nov 14 14:47:34 +0000 2013|#McCann Tony Bennett and Amaral 2 of the bravest men, outspoken for the truth to be shouted out
400997550422896645|Thu Nov 14 14:44:00 +0000 2013|#McCann The latest picture of Amaral ( yesterday) shows how invigorated and upbeat he is recently, Bravo Amaral TRUTH & J
400996572378300416|Thu Nov 14 14:40:07 +0000 2013|#McCann it will be PJ that arrest G and K, they deserve it after all the hard work they and Amaral have put in and after Libel case
400986113055027203|Thu Nov 14 13:58:33 +0000 2013|#McCann Tremble McCanns, tremble indeed, these r YOUR spokespeople, such a comfort for you
400984996539678721|Thu Nov 14 13:54:07 +0000 2013|@1matthewwright1 Love all the LOLs how easy it is to amuse some !
400982885751992320|Thu Nov 14 13:45:44 +0000 2013|#McCann I think it is because the distractions and name calling is no longer working, so blind fury has taken over
400982104617390081|Thu Nov 14 13:42:38 +0000 2013|#McCann yep panic, chaos, wild incoherent words, lots of LOL ing, grasping at straws
400981177470689281|Thu Nov 14 13:38:57 +0000 2013|#McCann Seems 2 be total melt down among the Pro Mccanns, panic and chaos reigns, when they have to descend to this u know things are BAD!
400979797053943808|Thu Nov 14 13:33:28 +0000 2013|@hondo1650 @k1482 @BigPhiIIyStyle @1matthewwright1 @JustClareE Just thinking the same!
400971028093861888|Thu Nov 14 12:58:37 +0000 2013|#McCann Q AGAIN ! why is the fund going when 2 police forces are searching? How would donations be spent when Police resources are used
400970045313908736|Thu Nov 14 12:54:43 +0000 2013|@chilledkev @wotsbutlerdoing and obvious, every distraction is a success for Pros as it halts serious debate( only 2 Pros who know how to )
400969425399988224|Thu Nov 14 12:52:15 +0000 2013|#McCann This has now gone beyond just poor M, the credibility of our Police and Gov around the world will suffer ? is suffering?
400934836413538304|Thu Nov 14 10:34:48 +0000 2013|#McCann In my own small way, I fight this by not accepting the lies, by keeping the Qs coming. I will continue to do so indefinitely
400932347257688064|Thu Nov 14 10:24:55 +0000 2013|#McCann Can it be normal for LOL ing on every tweet? each 2 their own BUT so childish
400929058818510848|Thu Nov 14 10:11:51 +0000 2013|#McCann The tweet was for those people who spend all the time hurling insults, not Matthew who simply responded to one initially .
400928154329427968|Thu Nov 14 10:08:15 +0000 2013|#Mccann 12 UK SUSPECTS, do the maths… 12 is the correct number of prime players, not a number plucked out of the air methinks
400927447383695360|Thu Nov 14 10:05:26 +0000 2013|#McCann This tag is NOT here for idiotic, time wasting LOL juvenile scraps, it may amuse a few who wd laugh at anything childish
400922456052858880|Thu Nov 14 09:45:36 +0000 2013|@JustClareE @1matthewwright1 @wotsbutlerdoing This could go on for hours, puerile distractions to avoid serious issues which they cannot ans
400921904027926528|Thu Nov 14 09:43:25 +0000 2013|#McCann What would the money be USED for ? why voluntarily donate? what would be the purpose of money
400920922036506627|Thu Nov 14 09:39:31 +0000 2013|#McCann Asking again, sighs, with 2 Police forces investigating now WHY is the fund still asking for more money? FOR WHAT
400918778994630656|Thu Nov 14 09:31:00 +0000 2013|@1matthewwright1 @JustClareE @wotsbutlerdoing Inane, I no longer bother with any responses , such a waste of time ( their aim)
400917319683039233|Thu Nov 14 09:25:12 +0000 2013|@1matthewwright1 @JustClareE @wotsbutlerdoing Have to laugh at term Anon coming from Chocolate Eclair, what is that her real name!!!
400916652960669696|Thu Nov 14 09:22:33 +0000 2013|#McCann Outrage & disbelief in over 30 countries could" Anti M Trolls " be taking over the world? so many " trolls " so few pros
400914603653079040|Thu Nov 14 09:14:24 +0000 2013|#McCann peaceful demonstrations are always to be applauded in a healthy society THANK GOD 4 DEMOCRACY
400902453354192897|Thu Nov 14 08:26:07 +0000 2013|#McCann Tax Payers money pays Police search-- donations subsidise K & G WHAT DO K&G CONTRIBUTE?
400900210919878656|Thu Nov 14 08:17:13 +0000 2013|#McCann Fund still OPEN despite 2 European Police forces searching WHY? what is money still needed for?????
400898075570348032|Thu Nov 14 08:08:44 +0000 2013|@JamesJArbuthnot @wotsbutlerdoing @audleyite @oznoghill If they refuse to brings facts to the table, I refuse to interact with them ever
400897508450131968|Thu Nov 14 08:06:28 +0000 2013|@audleyite They HATE it when they are ignored, then they have to have silly chats among themselves, drives them crazy
400896783070412800|Thu Nov 14 08:03:36 +0000 2013|@JamesJArbuthnot @wotsbutlerdoing @audleyite @oznoghill to confuse and side track any and all the important issues raised, very deliberate
400707593452011520|Wed Nov 13 19:31:49 +0000 2013|@chilledkev @wotsbutlerdoing Bennett suggesting we wd leave kids as well, as the McCanns!! ergo we cd be in their shoes one day! yeah
400706997684695040|Wed Nov 13 19:29:27 +0000 2013|@chilledkev @wotsbutlerdoing Thats Bennett off again , not me
400706753123192832|Wed Nov 13 19:28:29 +0000 2013|@chilledkev @MrsMLouis Gets so wearing after a bit, like being in a play ground
400704865946435584|Wed Nov 13 19:20:59 +0000 2013|#McCann I think I can hear the sound of Official DWB gnashing his teeth and, Father Jack stamping his feet, so few to stretch so far…!!
400697428937957377|Wed Nov 13 18:51:26 +0000 2013|#McCann, I will not debate such a stupid point with you other than to say I would not leave even ! child alone and vulnerable it is CRIMINAL
400693908620845056|Wed Nov 13 18:37:27 +0000 2013|#McCann keep going Mrs ML the night is but young and we are delighted with your efforts
400693263876632576|Wed Nov 13 18:34:53 +0000 2013|#Mccann I would EAT the lie detector if it helped and I would answer anything twice if necessary AND I would search day and night
400691477216370688|Wed Nov 13 18:27:47 +0000 2013|#McCann Well Bennet, I sure would not have left kids to begin with, then lied, then refused co operation, then made money from my child
400688210327531520|Wed Nov 13 18:14:48 +0000 2013|#McCann Innocent people do not need to SUPPRESS evidence or decide what should be available or not. Innocent people answer Qs
400687093438877696|Wed Nov 13 18:10:22 +0000 2013|#McCann The SUPPRESSION will prove to be very damaging for McCann, SUPPRESSION is always suspect
400686396337188865|Wed Nov 13 18:07:35 +0000 2013|@jontaito @MrsMLouis @1matthewwright1 @alfibab3 good one Mrs ML, can we have an encore, many thanks
400685942748356608|Wed Nov 13 18:05:47 +0000 2013|#McCann All who have steadfastly refused to " buy" the ludicrous tale by the McCanns for 6 years should proud, Very proud
400669856917241856|Wed Nov 13 17:01:52 +0000 2013|@martin_liz I feel she administered some sedative, then had to justify herself as a parent and a medic when Qs started, and she floundered
400667892963766273|Wed Nov 13 16:54:04 +0000 2013|#McCann Kate and Fiona checked twins breathing, thought it was " odd" they were so deeply asleep, but did not think worth getting checked
400658090141286400|Wed Nov 13 16:15:07 +0000 2013|@snook1111pie @Cerb32 @Ans4MBM @JustClareE @wotsbutlerdoing then walks through the village, hmmm
400657695461502977|Wed Nov 13 16:13:33 +0000 2013|#McCann Abduction theory is like a bad B movie, you have to suspend all rational thoughts as if it was a Fairy story
400655223087038464|Wed Nov 13 16:03:43 +0000 2013|#McCann Dogs alerted correctly, I believe, smart arse Gerry " ask the dogs Sandra" what an arrogant, smug self satisfied answer
400651587783102464|Wed Nov 13 15:49:16 +0000 2013|#McCann Why does it rattle the pros so much that Liz can discuss openly,it shouldnt if they are happy in their beliefs?????
400648798260576258|Wed Nov 13 15:38:11 +0000 2013|#McCann Oh my aching sides! of course we won't see it now! this is not CSI Miami
400647998033506304|Wed Nov 13 15:35:01 +0000 2013|#McCann Luckily the PJ Police and Media are way ahead in their thinking regarding this case, their work at present is relentless
400646413081526274|Wed Nov 13 15:28:43 +0000 2013|#McCann kev, I find the whole " abductor" theory fantastical, more far fetched than parental involvement, it does not make sense
400644244408258560|Wed Nov 13 15:20:06 +0000 2013|#McCann I don't believe in abduction, but, how lucky for abductors that the Ms were reliable in their neglect a real bonus 4 them
400641723686080512|Wed Nov 13 15:10:05 +0000 2013|#McCann PJ also said 15 persons of interest from the UK, co-incidental number , I think not
400641002194481152|Wed Nov 13 15:07:13 +0000 2013|#McCann Quote from PJ police " we have suspects, some of whom the UK will not like"not talking about Winnie the Pooh!!!!!!
400640060803915776|Wed Nov 13 15:03:28 +0000 2013|#McCann Police manual by G s bed, light holiday read? just what we all take away with us
400638549726228480|Wed Nov 13 14:57:28 +0000 2013|#McCann Crimewatch was the biggest turning point for the McCanns credibility since day ! huge own goal
400637736291270656|Wed Nov 13 14:54:14 +0000 2013|#McCann Cheering 2 see that the diversions and insults are now getting almost NO response and are simply not working
400634779629928448|Wed Nov 13 14:42:29 +0000 2013|@chilledkev @winnower1 Yep < there is a strategy of disruption, but it slays them when they are ignored
400569487801323520|Wed Nov 13 10:23:02 +0000 2013|#McCann Always better to ignore, not get side tracked, they r then reduced to pointless chatter to each other
400566112233861120|Wed Nov 13 10:09:37 +0000 2013|#McCann if No one replies or heeds the Pro name calling they will be reduced to having little conversations with themselves endlessly
400565556517937153|Wed Nov 13 10:07:25 +0000 2013|@JustClareE @TrulySuspended Another subject change from a pro, distract and go off at a tangent to irrelevance
400564143704399873|Wed Nov 13 10:01:48 +0000 2013|#McCann Such a predictable pattern from pros, change subject, hurl personal insults-job done!! except it doesn't work
400562913712164865|Wed Nov 13 09:56:55 +0000 2013|@JustClareE @TrulySuspended Perhaps we she all take lessons from K & G on good parenting
400562307404529664|Wed Nov 13 09:54:30 +0000 2013|#McCann Do think " Myths exposed needs updating, so MANY more anomalies , contradictions and suppressions since it was written??
400560407963643904|Wed Nov 13 09:46:57 +0000 2013|@TrulySuspended @urcrazytoo Strange that they won't answer!!! insults r their default setting, facts r harder
400386151250280448|Tue Nov 12 22:14:31 +0000 2013|@JillyCL yes, well said
400385306852995072|Tue Nov 12 22:11:10 +0000 2013|#McCann After PR, Litigation, Mortgage repayments, Hotel costs, media monitoring not too much left fora trivial thing like " searching "
400383925748371457|Tue Nov 12 22:05:41 +0000 2013|#McCann Does the gasper statement not make most of you uneasy, they were after all once close friends of the McCanns
400383435526524928|Tue Nov 12 22:03:44 +0000 2013|#McCann Correction, the McCanns mainly use the fund money to finance PR and Litigation
400382884000706560|Tue Nov 12 22:01:32 +0000 2013|@Justmuddling @pauliuslukosevi @Cerb32 @ModNrodder To actually live more comfortably after your daughter goes missing is surely obscene
400382525534502912|Tue Nov 12 22:00:07 +0000 2013|#McCann Does the Gasper statement, not make most people queasy, uneasy, these after all were friends of the McCanns
400375796683923457|Tue Nov 12 21:33:23 +0000 2013|#McCann Gerry gets into a temper when he is Q d and it is uncomfortable for him as it appears do some Pros, just saying…!
400371340181397504|Tue Nov 12 21:15:40 +0000 2013|@1matthewwright1 @MrsMLouis An interesting statement Mrs M L I think that explains a lot
400370500427214848|Tue Nov 12 21:12:20 +0000 2013|@basilandmanuel @martin_liz @19Barbara57 Kate speculated in her book about injuries M may have sustain also ?????
400369133163773952|Tue Nov 12 21:06:54 +0000 2013|#McCann Not at all Johnny ! it is entirely possible to not believe, suspect and distrust without emotional feeling of hate
400367620999753728|Tue Nov 12 21:00:53 +0000 2013|#McCann "Hater" is a childish word in this instance ,A prosecutor does not " hate" defendant, however he may well not believe him
400366078162776064|Tue Nov 12 20:54:46 +0000 2013|@rebeccasherl When hope is translated into more fund requests, I think that it is suspect, my opinion and mine alone
400364720462393344|Tue Nov 12 20:49:22 +0000 2013|#McCann I grieve for M, I do not believe she is alive and I think " hope" is being misused for Fiscal gain
400361049968238592|Tue Nov 12 20:34:47 +0000 2013|#McCann Equal 1st are those who cannot entertain others having an opinion they do not endorse
400360263221661696|Tue Nov 12 20:31:39 +0000 2013|#McCann Yes Para, there are " vile, troll ,haters, on both sides.
400343882522558464|Tue Nov 12 19:26:34 +0000 2013|@wotsbutlerdoing @alfibab3 I think not as attested by the horror on Ks face during Crimewatch, the PJ investigation was unexpected.
400343042122457088|Tue Nov 12 19:23:13 +0000 2013|@JillyCL @basilandmanuel She did say it, in fact SHE has now been hushed by team M as she is a loose cannon
400340077684871168|Tue Nov 12 19:11:27 +0000 2013|@alfibab3 Ironic, the M s wanted a review, they did not want a full investigation.
400339367031357441|Tue Nov 12 19:08:37 +0000 2013|@MrsMLouis Look at the Judicial system in PJ, not a difficult thing for you to verify, different to UK and integral
400338810036174849|Tue Nov 12 19:06:24 +0000 2013|@MrsMLouis @1matthewwright1 Lesser charge will not come before the main charge
400338284808663040|Tue Nov 12 19:04:19 +0000 2013|#McCann No arrest so far Mrs L because as has been stated many times, police don't want a lesser charge prior to main charge
400337605000065024|Tue Nov 12 19:01:37 +0000 2013|#McCann Gi o er, they has also sought extradition advice whilst in P, just in case!!!
400336801715343360|Tue Nov 12 18:58:26 +0000 2013|#McCann One does not see kerry Needham staying in luxury or funding PR and Litigation
400336459447537664|Tue Nov 12 18:57:04 +0000 2013|@MrsMLouis @jontaito Type? what type is that? pray do tell
400335683367100416|Tue Nov 12 18:53:59 +0000 2013|#McCann I totally find repugnant the idea that McCanns stay in 5* hotels, maintain a £500,000 property, funded Libel lawyers from donations
400335009048842240|Tue Nov 12 18:51:18 +0000 2013|@MrsMLouis Absolute criticisms at the Ms, I most certainly have.
400333657069461504|Tue Nov 12 18:45:56 +0000 2013|#McCann Snide no-directly critical yes ! when the main beneficiary is the McCanns and their comfort
400332318713188353|Tue Nov 12 18:40:37 +0000 2013|#McCann They still sell them on line ! along side all sorts of money making goods = paying for more litigation= more income
400331522055479296|Tue Nov 12 18:37:27 +0000 2013|#McCann Don't forget, people have to BUY a M poster from the fund, what a wonderful concept!
400331156693852160|Tue Nov 12 18:36:00 +0000 2013|@RosalindaHu @ModNrodder @Cerb32 @Justmuddling @GILLYSPOT Don't forget people have to PAY for the posters, nothing free even missing poster
400330297595535360|Tue Nov 12 18:32:35 +0000 2013|@1matthewwright1 I know, the expert on all forms of MH, strangely not mentioned official DWB who seems unhinged.
400329910062821376|Tue Nov 12 18:31:02 +0000 2013|#McCann " Amoral is motivated by greed" haha, as opposed to K & G who have sold nothing, gained everything and still need more !
400327819713990656|Tue Nov 12 18:22:44 +0000 2013|#McCann Cerb, I really don't think that homespun MH diagnosis's are getting u anywhere, sweeping generalisations, its all a tad silly
400303539638910977|Tue Nov 12 16:46:15 +0000 2013|@wotsbutlerdoing Carl Buskom is where I am coming from, he can't bear that Liz has Qs, so odd
400302763080290304|Tue Nov 12 16:43:10 +0000 2013|#McCann How telling that the Pros panic if there is any deviation from their scripted responses by any other Pro, Team M must be so proud
400300193834233856|Tue Nov 12 16:32:58 +0000 2013|#McCann " ifs , buts and maybes " are all most Police forces initially ever have to go on, THEN they solve the case, no dripping daggers
400299382693584896|Tue Nov 12 16:29:44 +0000 2013|@IsThatYouPenny Really? thanks for enlightening me! Twitter is open to all to express their thoughts
400297206403448832|Tue Nov 12 16:21:05 +0000 2013|#McCann Why is Liz getting flak for debating FFS? you pros are NOT Mosleys " Black shirts".not everyone has to dance to your tune
400295954084945922|Tue Nov 12 16:16:07 +0000 2013|@DodgyDrPayne @metpoliceuk and will the Army stop using them to alert to IEDs ?
400294277831327745|Tue Nov 12 16:09:27 +0000 2013|#McCann I think they lied to protect themselves and the lies have grown into an unstoppable monster and the"FUND' is addictive for them
400288611116908544|Tue Nov 12 15:46:56 +0000 2013|#McCann Why are some so scared of debate, why do the Pro group think only they have the right in a valid opinion and fear Qs
400274747272867840|Tue Nov 12 14:51:51 +0000 2013|@RothleyResident @Cerb32 @fiorifan @wotsbutlerdoing I would suggest Official DWB on that premise, must be an ANTI
400274038682968064|Tue Nov 12 14:49:02 +0000 2013|#McCann recent K quote" luxury now Im not working to spend time with the twins" OH ! THE IRONY!
400270106896240640|Tue Nov 12 14:33:24 +0000 2013|@basilandmanuel @fiorifan @Cerb32 @wotsbutlerdoing Not a Politician either , but feel able to comment on Politics!
400268871073923072|Tue Nov 12 14:28:30 +0000 2013|#McCann The audited accounts of the M Fund show annual large sums of money paid for " Monitoring the media" How unusual??!!
400205154026147840|Tue Nov 12 10:15:18 +0000 2013|@CarlBuskom It is hard for all, but historically many fights for truth have taken years, patience and resolve
400204064018804736|Tue Nov 12 10:10:58 +0000 2013|@CarlBuskom I agree, for you yes but be hard
400203639160983553|Tue Nov 12 10:09:17 +0000 2013|#McCann My gut feeling is M, sadly is long dead, but PROS if u feel she is still with us, wd u not be better searching than twittering
400201575202705408|Tue Nov 12 10:01:05 +0000 2013|#McCann The right to Q, dissent and speak out is a RIGHT, it is NOT a right JUST for pro McCanns,or Team McCann
400195645954224128|Tue Nov 12 09:37:31 +0000 2013|@eddiemorris1964 @wotsbutlerdoing Got it ! thanks, yes I agree, notice the pros slide over these facts, can't argue with audited accts
400193685943357440|Tue Nov 12 09:29:44 +0000 2013|@eddiemorris1964 @wotsbutlerdoing How so,? my pockets? can't see the connection as a doubter of the McCanns
400193068692828160|Tue Nov 12 09:27:17 +0000 2013|@wotsbutlerdoing of course it would help!!!! it would be most obliging of all who doubt, alas this is real life
400192575480422400|Tue Nov 12 09:25:19 +0000 2013|#McCann paid monitors/PR agents/ Libel lawyers has there ever been any case with a parallel to this one?
400191231654785025|Tue Nov 12 09:19:59 +0000 2013|#McCann Please look at audited McCann funds and see payments for MEDIA MONITORING-- LARGE SUMS PAID ANNUALLY
400188058923831296|Tue Nov 12 09:07:23 +0000 2013|#McCann Audited accounts for the McCann fund show each year large sums of money paid out for "MEDIA MONITORING"
399982943222775808|Mon Nov 11 19:32:19 +0000 2013|@RosalindaHu @IWILLNOTGOAWAY @OfficialDWB @dailyexpress @metpoliceuk @mitch_1uk Well said, I second that
399981666669576193|Mon Nov 11 19:27:15 +0000 2013|#McCann " Obfuscation , repetition and insults are the last desperate acts left to those without reason " always a cheering sign
399979922489212928|Mon Nov 11 19:20:19 +0000 2013|#McCann I am not sure why the McCanns PAY Mitchell when they have such an eloquent spokesperson in Official DWB
399979047280599040|Mon Nov 11 19:16:50 +0000 2013|@chilledkev @alfibab3 @Cerb32 She laughs a lot! her sides must be aching with all this unbridled mirth!
399977169595547649|Mon Nov 11 19:09:23 +0000 2013|#McCann STOP PRESS… there is research beyond " Myths exposed" loads of it, not good reading for the McCanns?
399976248585105408|Mon Nov 11 19:05:43 +0000 2013|@chilledkev A childish ploy, to go round and round, laughable yet tragic
399975961082347520|Mon Nov 11 19:04:34 +0000 2013|#McCann Well, Phil they are certainly looking for some one ( or two) thats for sure, Abductor ? nah , don't think so, think beyond that
399974977966833664|Mon Nov 11 19:00:40 +0000 2013|@snook1111pie @chilledkev @basilandmanuel He should contact the Met asap, this is exciting news, not heard before
399973337289326592|Mon Nov 11 18:54:09 +0000 2013|#McCann Amaral, a fine, good man ,an insightful policeman and a guy with many people around the world who champion him, me included
399962872123371520|Mon Nov 11 18:12:34 +0000 2013|#McCann My God , Officia DWB is a silver tongued devil, the Diplomatic Corps lost a winner there!
399946945566740480|Mon Nov 11 17:09:17 +0000 2013|@winnower1 @jontaito thank ye kindly
399946148674170880|Mon Nov 11 17:06:07 +0000 2013|#McCann How anyone can suggest McCanns abused, when they, threaten, bully and litigate any who don't buy their " story" IRONIC
399945420782047233|Mon Nov 11 17:03:13 +0000 2013|#McCannHow anyone can argue persecution of the Ms when they attack, threaten, bully and litigate against anyone who disagrees with them
399944117381128192|Mon Nov 11 16:58:02 +0000 2013|@winnower1 @jontaito @k1482 @audleyite I can see how they would be, me I am unconcerned and unimpressed with the intimidation/mantra/script
399941762753372162|Mon Nov 11 16:48:41 +0000 2013|#McCann A missing child HAS our support, the parents do NOT the two are very different. The parents lost my sympathy long ago
399940822734368768|Mon Nov 11 16:44:57 +0000 2013|@winnower1 @jontaito Given me some fun, us " antis" can at least take the piss pros have had a sense of humour bypass
399939765044121600|Mon Nov 11 16:40:45 +0000 2013|@winnower1 @jontaito Actually having a good laugh now about it, I was not around for the green link dodah, so cheers
399939194585243648|Mon Nov 11 16:38:29 +0000 2013|#McCann Got it, I was beginning to think I was going mad, thanks, must eat another sardine sandwich to cheer self up
399937509087404033|Mon Nov 11 16:31:47 +0000 2013|@winnower1 Grail..grail grail !!!!!!
399937128408162304|Mon Nov 11 16:30:16 +0000 2013|#McCann To Win, I wrote " cheery pick " I should have written cherry pick" I said I made a typo and it happens okay?
399936435655933952|Mon Nov 11 16:27:31 +0000 2013|#McCann I have no idea what you are talking about Win, admit what happened ?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:24 pm 
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399935896184569856|Mon Nov 11 16:25:22 +0000 2013|@winnower1 What are you on about ?
399933135816626177|Mon Nov 11 16:14:24 +0000 2013|#McCann I would also hope that were I to die in odd circumstances people WOULD Q and not just accept the first version
399932293055148033|Mon Nov 11 16:11:03 +0000 2013|#McCann I don't believe them, nor did I believe O J Simpson and M Jacksons Doctor, I reserve the right to NOT believe them
399930070166282240|Mon Nov 11 16:02:13 +0000 2013|@basilandmanuel NB I altered it underneath, typo…it happens
399929557534273536|Mon Nov 11 16:00:11 +0000 2013|@Sweepyface cherry not cheery, sorry
399929325291450368|Mon Nov 11 15:59:16 +0000 2013|#McCann " Myths Exposed " is NOT the holy Grail, it is ONE persons opinion, better to read 12 disparate opinions and cheery pick
399922197344428032|Mon Nov 11 15:30:56 +0000 2013|@longjoh44309217 If dead there would no longer be a need for funds, abducted = keep the funds coming in for a few more years
399916482454249473|Mon Nov 11 15:08:14 +0000 2013|@1matthewwright1 They should not be!!! case would not have reopened without substantial evidence
399915816629452800|Mon Nov 11 15:05:35 +0000 2013|#McCann quote from PJ police," we have an open mind and suspects, incl some that would not be popular with British"! guesses please
399895723774181376|Mon Nov 11 13:45:44 +0000 2013|@Katycakes1 @alfibab3 She did indeed claim depression and that was a big part of her case
399895209430876160|Mon Nov 11 13:43:42 +0000 2013|@chilledkev @thiajock I am very impressed with PJ, I think they are 100% focused, determined and have enormous popular support
399891634789175296|Mon Nov 11 13:29:30 +0000 2013|@JBLittlemore @basilandmanuel never seen it myself, think they are in good mental health, wd like to see proof also
399890819953332225|Mon Nov 11 13:26:15 +0000 2013|#McCann K & G have aged visibly in 6 months and I think the anticipation and dread is now with them, I suspect they r 2nd guessing daily
399889688162353152|Mon Nov 11 13:21:45 +0000 2013|@Nostradamews @jontaito Too true, they have to march slowly forward taking their own legal advice, McCanns= slippery
399887096451592193|Mon Nov 11 13:11:27 +0000 2013|@jontaito I read about it recently, if they apply neglect they could scupper chances of murder conviction
399886174140919808|Mon Nov 11 13:07:48 +0000 2013|#McCann meant PJ, typo
399885514859216898|Mon Nov 11 13:05:10 +0000 2013|#McCann Py are careful Kev, not to apply lesser charge as they can't then go to a greater crime, can do it vice versa however
399661877719867393|Sun Nov 10 22:16:31 +0000 2013|#McCann Too busy to search, to do reconstruction, to ans 48 Qs , busy busy Kate McCann
399660334882885632|Sun Nov 10 22:10:23 +0000 2013|@19Barbara57 @GILLYSPOT @rebeccasherl @JillyCL Actually that is exactly what they often do tell them, they also reassure them constantly,
399659931504111616|Sun Nov 10 22:08:47 +0000 2013|@19Barbara57 that is why the case is re opened , because 2 police forces are trying to prove just that.
399658453548814336|Sun Nov 10 22:02:55 +0000 2013|@jontaito #McCann Does NOT 1 of you pro McCanns feel even a touch of anger at the parents leaving 3 kids alone night after night?
399656579185647617|Sun Nov 10 21:55:28 +0000 2013|#McCann " The dark side of humanity " is to leave vulnerable babies exposed to danger whilst you eat, drink and make merry, that is dark
399655788743909376|Sun Nov 10 21:52:19 +0000 2013|#McCann The motivation as you put it, is to reinforce the truth Rebecca, the truth that even K admitted, almost no searching-fact
399652849975443457|Sun Nov 10 21:40:39 +0000 2013|@wotsbutlerdoing @Jayelles1 Not too much chance of that, she will always be the woman who left 3 babies alone repeatedly to their fate
399634938426716160|Sun Nov 10 20:29:28 +0000 2013|#McCann I accept no one thing,I read, cross reference, discount much and then read more, across the spectrum
399632379725094912|Sun Nov 10 20:19:18 +0000 2013|#McCann can't trust a dishevelled cop who wears JEANS, bound to be a wrong un
399631043742801921|Sun Nov 10 20:14:00 +0000 2013|#McCann Sardine sandwich anyone?
399630621577711616|Sun Nov 10 20:12:19 +0000 2013|#McCann Bloody tiring all this claiming , sniffing, touting for Johns and shooting up, almost no time to eat
399629953240547329|Sun Nov 10 20:09:40 +0000 2013|@DaSteelMan I am sniffing glue, claiming benefit and hanging around by lamp posts even as I post
399628223492796416|Sun Nov 10 20:02:47 +0000 2013|@DaSteelMan I know, another day another fight !!
399627811297562624|Sun Nov 10 20:01:09 +0000 2013|#McCann PJ would not have been allowed re-investigation without" weight of evidence" ergo…. case reopened
399627153114800128|Sun Nov 10 19:58:32 +0000 2013|@DaSteelMan @StiffsRus Sorry to hear that always liked your posts
399626889553137664|Sun Nov 10 19:57:29 +0000 2013|#McCann I agree Redwood is doing a steady job and all the pieces are coming together in tandem with PJ, have faith, there will be justice
399624333162598400|Sun Nov 10 19:47:20 +0000 2013|#McCann I resent what you are saying about David Paynes profile, nothing wrong with it, what are you on about?
399622790107496448|Sun Nov 10 19:41:12 +0000 2013|@MrsMLouis @1matthewwright1 PJ legal system dictates that actually, cannot go from lesser to more but can vice versa
399614565178040320|Sun Nov 10 19:08:31 +0000 2013|#McCann I think that the Met and PJ are making huge progress, remember we were told " calm in the coming months v v confident
399588981735555072|Sun Nov 10 17:26:51 +0000 2013|@urcrazytoo Did not say McCann, trial meant Amaral.
399588555191623680|Sun Nov 10 17:25:10 +0000 2013|@urcrazytoo Yes, you will see both Q and Answers from both sides, it shows attitudes and thoughts and is as good as we will get now
399586826626662401|Sun Nov 10 17:18:18 +0000 2013|@MrsMLouis @jontaito @martin_liz ME??????
399586216686809088|Sun Nov 10 17:15:52 +0000 2013|@martin_liz @MrsMLouis @jontaito No idea! wondered it myself
399584671400341504|Sun Nov 10 17:09:44 +0000 2013|@MrsMLouis @jontaito @martin_liz Well that is vile, I would hate that…
399583928765280256|Sun Nov 10 17:06:47 +0000 2013|@MrsMLouis I know we differ on this, I understand you feel strongly and so do I, all want the same result but differently
399583176827232257|Sun Nov 10 17:03:47 +0000 2013|#McCann I agree, there are no sides here, its not edifying who ever does it, and we shouldn't " go there"
399582112497401856|Sun Nov 10 16:59:34 +0000 2013|#McCann WE should ALL just take a step back and I don't like to see it done to anyone! not on a 1 to 1 basis, its cruel
399580529961336833|Sun Nov 10 16:53:16 +0000 2013|#McCann Anyone, who calls names and gets personal whatever their " side" should stop it, we are better than this
399579682347032577|Sun Nov 10 16:49:54 +0000 2013|#McCann Gi o here, am " over it" but my kids stopped name calling aged 6 after I said it made them look like not clever babies
399577431608012800|Sun Nov 10 16:40:58 +0000 2013|@hondo1650 @martin_liz @ModNrodder @News_Meister I agree so much, a single aim, to not let HER get forgotten in the circus this has become
399576508924039169|Sun Nov 10 16:37:18 +0000 2013|#McCann G over here or whatever, can't you ever STOP name calling, so childishFFS
399576003107753985|Sun Nov 10 16:35:17 +0000 2013|@martin_liz @hondo1650 @ModNrodder @News_Meister I agree Liz, it is hard , but we all have a right to our opinion, it should not be personal
399575314038132736|Sun Nov 10 16:32:33 +0000 2013|#McCann I would love the pro s to read the PJ files and the court transcripts, both prosecution and defence Qs as well as " Myths exposed"
399574632308559872|Sun Nov 10 16:29:50 +0000 2013|#McCann There is no doubt in the video of the dogs response, it is specific and certain, that dogs record was impeccable
399573458075414529|Sun Nov 10 16:25:10 +0000 2013|@justice4maddie @1matthewwright1 @jontaito @martin_liz Who here " HATES Maddie, I think no one, this is a little child, hated by none
399540979511738368|Sun Nov 10 14:16:07 +0000 2013|#McCann Can I suggest pro s reading PJ files, court transcripts and give " Myths exposed" a wee bit if a rest, sure it wd help
399540393978523649|Sun Nov 10 14:13:47 +0000 2013|#McCann I think the net is closing in fast on the McCanns and I think they know it is and so does CM
399533061534011394|Sun Nov 10 13:44:39 +0000 2013|@IWILLNOTGOAWAY @frank_fisher @PhilipIndigo @GregPieCook @justice4maddie I think thanks to the internet the back lash would be spectacular
399532402613051392|Sun Nov 10 13:42:02 +0000 2013|@ModNrodder No one is deciding justice, no one is even suggesting that, full accountability is all that is needed
399532055391793152|Sun Nov 10 13:40:39 +0000 2013|#McCann I will not accept the story line given by the MCanns as it makes no sense, I would feel this way even if I was related to them
399531233907965952|Sun Nov 10 13:37:23 +0000 2013|#McCann Most cases are eventually solved by dogged determination not to accept at face value what is presented or by whom
399530519055974400|Sun Nov 10 13:34:33 +0000 2013|#McCann Even the Police START with opinions, theories etc THEN start to build a picture, They DONT start knowing what happened.
399521096107429888|Sun Nov 10 12:57:06 +0000 2013|@ModNrodder @RosalindaHu @wotsbutlerdoing @Lauren1980x @Jayelles1 Did not ever know for certain fate of most Holocaust victims, still care
399520426230943745|Sun Nov 10 12:54:27 +0000 2013|#McCann Is " Myths exposed" the new Bible of the pro McCanns, it is ALL they ever mention, no PJ files nothing else
399520027868528641|Sun Nov 10 12:52:52 +0000 2013|#McCann If the McCanns wanted to finance the fund, first sell their house, downsize, stay in modest hotels and search themselves for once
399518984116002816|Sun Nov 10 12:48:43 +0000 2013|#McCann I also want Justice for M and for all who unwittingly have funded the McCanns 6 year life style.
399517776512942080|Sun Nov 10 12:43:55 +0000 2013|#McCann That is the point, much research Has been done only not by the pro McCanns who appear only to have read " Myths exposed"
399517045110239232|Sun Nov 10 12:41:00 +0000 2013|@wotsbutlerdoing @RosalindaHu @Lauren1980x @Jayelles1 Why should that be relevant ? this is not about punctuation but about facts
399480155829055489|Sun Nov 10 10:14:25 +0000 2013|@IWILLNOTGOAWAY Wow, when was that dated Debs? BTW keep up the good work, don't let anyone get you down
399293339775676416|Sat Nov 09 21:52:05 +0000 2013|#McCann Staying in 5* hotels, TV interviews , enjoying celebrity status is not searching for M
399292691537616896|Sat Nov 09 21:49:30 +0000 2013|#McCann How many more years of fund raising, until poor M would have been 18, the most worrying aspect of all is this incessant greed
399291770531364864|Sat Nov 09 21:45:51 +0000 2013|@rebeccasherl @Jayelles1 Its not exciting, its bloody tragic, no one is excited by this, just upset and frustrated
399290639663104000|Sat Nov 09 21:41:21 +0000 2013|#McCann Official DW thingy has gone quiet after that horrible post, surely NO ONE could possibly approve of that
399284781151559680|Sat Nov 09 21:18:04 +0000 2013|@basilandmanuel Okay, the vast majority simply do not believe them, approx 95%
399284328854589441|Sat Nov 09 21:16:17 +0000 2013|@basilandmanuel @sweepy Met Police FB page comments in at least 6 languages, I have trawled through them, not an easy read
399283890235244544|Sat Nov 09 21:14:32 +0000 2013|#McCann I am talking about the comments from around the globe ( translations there) rank and file people, disgusted and angry
399283622345076736|Sat Nov 09 21:13:28 +0000 2013|# I am talking about ALL the comments from around the globe, translations are there! rank and file people! disgusted and angry.
399282461563043840|Sat Nov 09 21:08:51 +0000 2013|#McCann Can I respectfully ask that people look at the world wide comments on the Met police FB page NO ONE BELIEVES THE MCCANNS
399272357748953088|Sat Nov 09 20:28:42 +0000 2013|#McCann read the latest comments on the Met Police site, from all over the world! NOBODY believes the McCanns makes shocking reading
399267471657410561|Sat Nov 09 20:09:17 +0000 2013|#McCann beyond shocked and disgusted to read the " official DW etc" post here. One of the most malign things I have seen in a long time
399093438856970240|Sat Nov 09 08:37:45 +0000 2013|#McCann I am Not Steel, but am flattered as I rather like the " cut of his gib" must away now.
399092599291531264|Sat Nov 09 08:34:25 +0000 2013|#McCann I believe the P priest, and all attacked team M have also had their lives damn near ruined, what did the priest do to deserve that
399091745431887872|Sat Nov 09 08:31:01 +0000 2013|#McCann Bennet, as long as I DONT say anything libellous that is all that matters, I am a functioning adult. Met police must love you!!
399091071537266688|Sat Nov 09 08:28:20 +0000 2013|#McCann Gets more like a Kindergarten on here each day. Korea comparison is obvious analogy, sighs rolls eyes
399089938622205952|Sat Nov 09 08:23:50 +0000 2013|#McCann I am not Steel, what has been written or said that is libellous, please tell me, my son is a Libel Attorney and will verify
399089520458469376|Sat Nov 09 08:22:11 +0000 2013|# I am not Steel, I am me… what has been libellous ? I have neither said nor read anything, but pls tell me
399088980034990080|Sat Nov 09 08:20:02 +0000 2013|#McCann For true bullying and suppression pls see the list of those silenced by team McCann during last 6 years
399088448373395456|Sat Nov 09 08:17:55 +0000 2013|#McCann We are ALL entitled to freedom of speech, to protest peacefully and to express doubts this is not N Korea
398938881472475136|Fri Nov 08 22:23:35 +0000 2013|@JustClareE @Cerebus32 They are guilty of leaving 3 vulnerable babies alone and exposed to danger
398937934746775552|Fri Nov 08 22:19:50 +0000 2013|@aartitwit @mikeywomble @JAYNESMILEY All in detail in the PJ files
398937339365302272|Fri Nov 08 22:17:28 +0000 2013|@RedaAndWhite Rotting meat and dirty nappies when there are many bind there to dispose safely such items and they are Doctors??????
398936953694871552|Fri Nov 08 22:15:56 +0000 2013|@aartitwit It has been mentioned by the PJ and excused by Gerry, to me it is unbelievable
398936529080287232|Fri Nov 08 22:14:15 +0000 2013|@Scally_Lama Not only brought a new freezer disposed of old one at a municipal refuse dump, kept boot open night and day for 1 week
398935730476437504|Fri Nov 08 22:11:04 +0000 2013|#McCann Who washes curtains in rental apt, visits refuse tip, puts dirty nappies in rental car, buys a new freezer for rental apt
398934698430193666|Fri Nov 08 22:06:58 +0000 2013|@NettyCox GP friend of mine said that would be highly improbable, 6 corpses in ONE week, she wasn't a Pathologist FGS
398933478470721536|Fri Nov 08 22:02:07 +0000 2013|@RedaAndWhite Weird statement that! K always keen to assure that kids were asleep= mitigates them being left alone. how cd she know
398932377616936960|Fri Nov 08 21:57:45 +0000 2013|#McCann G had book by bed relating to these matters, hence they were ready with, Red Snapper, K touched 6 bodies etc, bone meal handy that
398929331583336449|Fri Nov 08 21:45:39 +0000 2013|#McCann Gerry said " dogs are unreliable", funny that they are used globally and flown all over the world if they are useless!!!!!!!!!!!!
398878330545373184|Fri Nov 08 18:22:59 +0000 2013|#McCann Superb transcripts of the latest day of the trial, very clear and specific, really encouraging for Amaral, the case is going well
398873782263115776|Fri Nov 08 18:04:55 +0000 2013|#McCann Jasmine by blame I am referring to the UNIQUE situation of multi law suits, blaming the Police , media, the dogs, everyone bar them
398861012293529600|Fri Nov 08 17:14:10 +0000 2013|@alfibab3 , but Jasmine they have not given the impression of regret, they couch it " we thought it was safe" blaming everyone else
398858659137986560|Fri Nov 08 17:04:49 +0000 2013|@wotsbutlerdoing @snook1111pie agreed, love the kids clubs, just don't then leave them exposed to danger and fear at night.
398858300176859137|Fri Nov 08 17:03:23 +0000 2013|@alfibab3 She had a full time nanny Jasmine in the UK, then all day creche in P, I only judge because the M s seem unable to grasp error
398857639800479744|Fri Nov 08 17:00:46 +0000 2013|@wotsbutlerdoing @snook1111pie @alfibab3 OH SURE, OVER POSSESSIVE BY NOT LEAVING BABIES ALONE, AGED UNDER THREE..WOW
398856510542856192|Fri Nov 08 16:56:17 +0000 2013|#McCann People talk as if what the McCanns did was a slight mistake, actually leaving 3 kids alone is a bit more than that, its VILE
398854673534185472|Fri Nov 08 16:48:59 +0000 2013|#McCann The McCanns had full time nanny in the UK, what with the creche in P they were hardly over stretched
398854229084753921|Fri Nov 08 16:47:13 +0000 2013|@snook1111pie @alfibab3 I must be weird as well, had 4 kids, never left them,BTW McCann HAD full time nanny at home in UK
398853693035905024|Fri Nov 08 16:45:05 +0000 2013|#McCann To not q this " story" is to not do M justice, I would hope that people would Q a disappearance under these circumstances!! FGS
398824569814798337|Fri Nov 08 14:49:21 +0000 2013|#McCann I do not think PJ and SY ARE really following abduction theory any more, I think that is red herring now and they are focused.!!!!!
398749906396917762|Fri Nov 08 09:52:40 +0000 2013|@martin_liz either way, the cost of that legal advice is shown in the swell of disbelief and anger, expensive advice at this price
398749512744697856|Fri Nov 08 09:51:06 +0000 2013|#McCann Infuriating when McCanns decide what is distracting or not! not their place to do so, arrogant and suspect
398748695509733376|Fri Nov 08 09:47:52 +0000 2013|@martin_liz Yep, I leave this forum when it gets silly, it could be a force for good
398748449786458113|Fri Nov 08 09:46:53 +0000 2013|#McCann Needn't have been this way if McCanns had answered Qs, done lie detector, recon and Tapas lot had not closed ranks.
398746947814584320|Fri Nov 08 09:40:55 +0000 2013|@martin_liz Always a shame when it gets over heated, we all care about the same thing but in different ways=justice=fairness
398744779749478400|Fri Nov 08 09:32:18 +0000 2013|@rebeccasherl @DaSteelMan Okay fair enough, I think the name calling on both sides is beneath us all, we are better than that, thanks 4 and
398743964833939456|Fri Nov 08 09:29:04 +0000 2013|@rebeccasherl @DaSteelMan How so Rebecca, how have I neglected my kids( adults now) do tell me?
398743539439251457|Fri Nov 08 09:27:22 +0000 2013|#McCann If pros can really disprove our many doubts with reasonable FACTS, I for one am open to hearing them lets debate it FACT for FACT.
398742791565475840|Fri Nov 08 09:24:24 +0000 2013|@DaSteelMan Yep well I guess I can live with that sure in the knowledge that I am not..clear conscience is great thing eh McCanns
398741817060884480|Fri Nov 08 09:20:32 +0000 2013|#McCann Correction Rebecca, it is currently BEING taken care of by 2 police forces hence re-opening of case
398741468937850880|Fri Nov 08 09:19:09 +0000 2013|#McCann The truth may not be on Twitter, however the combined thoughts of disparate people has got to be a help
398568474093449216|Thu Nov 07 21:51:43 +0000 2013|@wotsbutlerdoing #McCann Paper could not state guilt without being sued, they might allege or infer and they often do
398567725959634944|Thu Nov 07 21:48:45 +0000 2013|@JBLittlemore @wotsbutlerdoing Well saidJB, how it can be considered evil to not accept a version of events is beyond me, that is democracy
398565950191980546|Thu Nov 07 21:41:42 +0000 2013|@wotsbutlerdoing How do I do that? I have concerns, I am feel to express that
398565216847269889|Thu Nov 07 21:38:47 +0000 2013|#McCann I am not a hater, but I am damned well not going to say nothing" ALL it takes for evil to abound is a few good men to do nothing"
398564225573871617|Thu Nov 07 21:34:51 +0000 2013|#McCann Presumption of innocent until proven etc does NOT mean that suspicion, Qs and doubts cannot be expressed fully.
398562891835518976|Thu Nov 07 21:29:33 +0000 2013|#McCann I have debated all my life, usually with people who are able to debate without being nasty or personal,it is not too difficult
398560666295861249|Thu Nov 07 21:20:42 +0000 2013|@basilandmanuel @oznoghill @Nostradamews Phil, u can't win this is a strategy and goes round and round, best 2 ignore
398559519434764289|Thu Nov 07 21:16:08 +0000 2013|#McCann The media attention as orchestrated by McCanns has actually hindered and distracted PJ and SY
398557804874563584|Thu Nov 07 21:09:20 +0000 2013|#McCann Checking every 30 mins ( which may have been longer) is a long time for a scared crying child, 30 mins alone screaming
398497114281361410|Thu Nov 07 17:08:10 +0000 2013|# What a the odds of 2 dogs wrongly alerting…minute! dogs used world wide and trusted to give accurate alert, these dogs were correct
398496303287517186|Thu Nov 07 17:04:57 +0000 2013|#McCann The dogs are specifically trained in certain scents Joseph, i.e. blood Cadaverine and will only bark at THOSE scents
398186376190906368|Wed Nov 06 20:33:24 +0000 2013|@MrsMLouis Don't like it, horrible, why is he doing it.
398185712584912896|Wed Nov 06 20:30:46 +0000 2013|#McCann Very unfair and cruel to bring Mrs Healy into this, I would hate that done to my Mum
398166854805377025|Wed Nov 06 19:15:50 +0000 2013|#McCann Read and weep with shame the comments from around the world on the met police FB page McCann, the fury at us is mega, terrible
398162604352217088|Wed Nov 06 18:58:57 +0000 2013|@basilandmanuel @kikoratton Um no he didn't lose, witnesses were heard and the next day is on the 27th November
398136015820304384|Wed Nov 06 17:13:17 +0000 2013|#McCann Oh God, a terrible desperate thread is running through the pro McCanns, debate good..insults pathetic
398134955374424064|Wed Nov 06 17:09:05 +0000 2013|#McCann This is all about Madeleine, these insults are ridiculous. Madeleine can't speak for herself, we are all her voice
398128703458140160|Wed Nov 06 16:44:14 +0000 2013|@zante03 @sweetexi Plenty, I see them every day, it is irrelevant what any one wears to an extent ( Bikinis, shorts could be going too far)
398114457559134208|Wed Nov 06 15:47:37 +0000 2013|K looked radiant even just after the crime, now SHE is under pressure she looks dire..certainly got her priorities right!!!!!!!!#McCann
398112183382319104|Wed Nov 06 15:38:35 +0000 2013|#McCann If I were K & G I would be sick with guilt and remorse, I would tell the world " Don't leave kids"I would answer every Q incl lieD
398110847152562176|Wed Nov 06 15:33:17 +0000 2013|#McCann Tragic but I believe M is no more, heartbreaking that she is used as a " cash cow" for the fund,dreadful thought
398109645790658560|Wed Nov 06 15:28:30 +0000 2013|#McCann Without that stupid neglect and abandonment , none of this tragedy would have happened, how can you say its in the past
398108293358297088|Wed Nov 06 15:23:08 +0000 2013|@Cerebus32 @1matthewwright1 @ModNrodder Trusting and naive? is a pretty nice way of putting it
398107612991868928|Wed Nov 06 15:20:26 +0000 2013|@DodgyDrPayne @lewscammon @JBLittlemore I read that they are paid to distract, only about 7 but use many aliases and go on forums
398102646378082304|Wed Nov 06 15:00:41 +0000 2013|@Josephodriscoll no case today that why
398102061520138240|Wed Nov 06 14:58:22 +0000 2013|#McCann K has looked awful since Crimewatch, even though looked ok for last 6 years! recent stress?
398100621925941248|Wed Nov 06 14:52:39 +0000 2013|@DaSteelMan @1matthewwright1 @snook1111pie @angelasmithmp @David_Cameron @metpoliceuk I wish we could hear from them ! what are they waiting
397801589269749760|Tue Nov 05 19:04:24 +0000 2013|@winnower1 @ModNrodder So they are still not using the latest and MET approved e-fit? why don't they just take over the whole case
397799446957662208|Tue Nov 05 18:55:53 +0000 2013|@Scum_Cop_Amoral @sweetexi Yep, but she never uses it for Legal fees etc
397797856800546816|Tue Nov 05 18:49:34 +0000 2013|@ModNrodder @IWILLNOTGOAWAY @sweetexi Sure I accept that, but still you would think K & J would be handing them out by the thousand
397795828594507776|Tue Nov 05 18:41:30 +0000 2013|@19Barbara57 Yes but they are also selling them Barbara, I can't get my head around that
397795531063181313|Tue Nov 05 18:40:19 +0000 2013|@sweetexi Actually makes me feel sick, indefensible , to sell tools to help investigation !!!!
397793482607050753|Tue Nov 05 18:32:11 +0000 2013|#McCann McCanns online shop SELLING missing posters of Madeleine, has anybody ever heard of a similar action by parents?
397791323194806272|Tue Nov 05 18:23:36 +0000 2013|# McCann. How very sad that the online shop set up by the McCanns is SELLING the missing posters for people to put up. Tragic
397771571428732928|Tue Nov 05 17:05:07 +0000 2013|@Cerebus32 @eddiemorris1964 For 6 years ALL donations should have gone for world wide searches and Qs answered
397770754030198784|Tue Nov 05 17:01:52 +0000 2013|@19Barbara57 There is so much evidence, not accusing them, asking for answers they refuse to provide
397769309532876801|Tue Nov 05 16:56:08 +0000 2013|#McCann I could maybe understand an online shop..if a) it was a charity b) all the money went to search parties etc NOT to fund law suits
397767367163252736|Tue Nov 05 16:48:25 +0000 2013|#McCann Dear God I have heard it all now " online store" it is obscene! never before in history have parents commercialised like this
397755862451642369|Tue Nov 05 16:02:42 +0000 2013|@winnower1 @JillyCL Beyond shocked !!! if the pro McCanns feel safe in their belief why the need for this???????
397754669063094272|Tue Nov 05 15:57:57 +0000 2013|@winnower1 @Scum_Cop_Amoral I thought Kate wanted to look Amaral in the eye, she certainly said she did
397739748346716160|Tue Nov 05 14:58:40 +0000 2013|@Scum_Cop_Amoral #McCann Could whoever suspended me , explain why? did not send unsolicited messages, gave own opinion only
397738503015919617|Tue Nov 05 14:53:43 +0000 2013|@Scum_Cop_Amoral Oh okay , feel a bit better about it then ! do you just unsuspend yourself each time?
397737155327303680|Tue Nov 05 14:48:22 +0000 2013|How childish, suspended because some one reported me, is this the usual strategy??? #McCann
397731365711400960|Tue Nov 05 14:25:21 +0000 2013|@snook1111pie @Scum_Cop_Amoral @JBLittlemore @pauliuslukosevi How do you know who contributes? odd thing to say
397730259837014016|Tue Nov 05 14:20:58 +0000 2013|@rebeccasherl @JBLittlemore @umweltbuerger @FindMadeleine2 @sweetexi Why disgraceful, both missing children?
397725934326800387|Tue Nov 05 14:03:46 +0000 2013|@JBLittlemore @Scum_Cop_Amoral @JillyCL After 6 years? still being shored up from fund money? now want more donations???
397725558320017409|Tue Nov 05 14:02:17 +0000 2013|#McCann Whatever happens in the short term G & K will be reviled by many around the world for ever
397724887202009088|Tue Nov 05 13:59:37 +0000 2013|@umweltbuerger @janeymack1 @metpoliceuk If Amaral did not answer Qs shills would say "guilty as sin" and crow
397724505600036864|Tue Nov 05 13:58:06 +0000 2013|@Justmuddling @JillyCL It seems that it is not there, shambles of a fund
397722706956673024|Tue Nov 05 13:50:57 +0000 2013|#McCann You are right Jilly, no record at all of repayment..people I know are furious
397721849154379776|Tue Nov 05 13:47:32 +0000 2013|@Scum_Cop_Amoral @snook1111pie @pauliuslukosevi # McCann Why Jasmine Winter etc, do you feel the need to name call like kids?
397721477409038337|Tue Nov 05 13:46:04 +0000 2013|@WAWinter1 @snook1111pie @JBLittlemore @Scum_Cop_Amoral @pauliuslukosevi That does not mean people understood what they were donating to.
397721116552089600|Tue Nov 05 13:44:38 +0000 2013|@JillyCL @Scum_Cop_Amoral Thai is not true, there is NO entry in the accounts to validate that comment
397718616537174017|Tue Nov 05 13:34:42 +0000 2013|@Scum_Cop_Amoral @snook1111pie @pauliuslukosevi It IS NOT all that matters, it was set up to search for Madeleine
397718186327416832|Tue Nov 05 13:32:59 +0000 2013|@WAWinter1 Thats great, but many I know gave and assumed it was for " boots on the ground" searching
397717340881555456|Tue Nov 05 13:29:37 +0000 2013|#McCann . The misuse of the fund is an outrage, few would have given to fund legal fees and mortgages
397716639992385539|Tue Nov 05 13:26:50 +0000 2013|@Scum_Cop_Amoral @JBLittlemore @snook1111pie @pauliuslukosevi But it isn't, its prime purpose is to fund litigation, salaries &mortgages
397690229517066240|Tue Nov 05 11:41:54 +0000 2013|I thought Kate was keen to " look Amaral in the eyes " and have her say!!! not that keen now Kate?#McCann
397688366193324032|Tue Nov 05 11:34:29 +0000 2013|# McCann. I thought Kate " wanted the chance to look Amaral in the eye" today would have been that time!!!!!! scared
397687101044445184|Tue Nov 05 11:29:28 +0000 2013|# McCann thought she 'wanted to look Amaral in the eye". why not now? best chance she would have had
397686524835139584|Tue Nov 05 11:27:10 +0000 2013|#McCann---- so Kate a " no show today, how surprising! I wonder why? won't look good
397685778374852608|Tue Nov 05 11:24:12 +0000 2013|#McCann, I feel that the pro McCanns will believe anything if it supports THEIR belief in K&G no matter how many Qs it brings up
397678832594874368|Tue Nov 05 10:56:36 +0000 2013|#McCann, interesting that team McCann have never sued for the mention of sexual conversation between Payne and Gerry! usually so litigious
397677350529155072|Tue Nov 05 10:50:43 +0000 2013|#McCann Justice for amaral
397676196760014849|Tue Nov 05 10:46:08 +0000 2013|Thanks for all the help given to me so that I can comment#McCann
397664685773713408|Tue Nov 05 10:00:24 +0000 2013|#McCann good luck with the trial
397664484430336000|Tue Nov 05 09:59:36 +0000 2013|@DodgyDrPayne @TREACLEW12QPR who do I follow so that I can actively comment, am a real numpty on this
397663509963476992|Tue Nov 05 09:55:43 +0000 2013|@IWILLNOTGOAWAY I wanted toy join this discussion but can't work out how to actively comment
397662272576700416|Tue Nov 05 09:50:48 +0000 2013|@IWILLNOTGOAWAY How do I follow this so I can tweet my own, what do I put in to search
397660286955450368|Tue Nov 05 09:42:55 +0000 2013|McCann# Good luck with the libel trial,
397410526625415168|Mon Nov 04 17:10:27 +0000 2013|@Mobyra @supergran1959 @NettyCox It does not work like that! Dna does not get " mixed up"
397408264213630976|Mon Nov 04 17:01:28 +0000 2013|@Mobyra @supergran1959 @NettyCox You can still obtain good DNA even if it was let out 10 times
397407288765341697|Mon Nov 04 16:57:35 +0000 2013|@winnower1 @njbennett @jontaito I also think Philomena is a strange and duplicitous character
397406752917839872|Mon Nov 04 16:55:28 +0000 2013|@Ans4MBM @JBLittlemore agree, enough truly suspicious things in this case without adding the photo
397387861617430528|Mon Nov 04 15:40:23 +0000 2013|@Mobyra @jamiediscos @EH1YNWA @rebeccasherl @Jayelles1 and that is a mature person writing?, unbelievable!
397050467118632960|Sun Nov 03 17:19:42 +0000 2013|@MrsMLouis No one wants that, only for them to step up to the plate and answer all the questions
397042612864954368|Sun Nov 03 16:48:30 +0000 2013|@1matthewwright1 @WAWinter1 New level of pro McCann vile abuse and veiled threats, creepy
397034346697089024|Sun Nov 03 16:15:39 +0000 2013|@RosalindaHu @ProfilerPatB and parents don't leave babies night after night
397030474154909697|Sun Nov 03 16:00:16 +0000 2013|@ProfilerPatB Very very good Pat, keep going and yes I AM beginning to HATE the McCanns for all those reasons
397025133371482112|Sun Nov 03 15:39:02 +0000 2013|@umweltbuerger @dave_todd @metpoliceuk I can't find that link what does it say
397023419914387456|Sun Nov 03 15:32:14 +0000 2013|@snook1111pie @JustClareE @Scum_Cop_Amoral True !!!!!!
397023109418450944|Sun Nov 03 15:31:00 +0000 2013|@RedaAndWhite @WAWinter1 @Cerebus32 @Ans4MBM They are fast becoming the most reviled couple in the UK, some comfort!
397018225692516352|Sun Nov 03 15:11:35 +0000 2013|@DodgyDrPayne Horrible tone to these pro McCannites, same " sue em" mind set as their hero
397016891215982594|Sun Nov 03 15:06:17 +0000 2013|@WAWinter1 @OfficialDWB @Nostradamews @DodgyDrPayne Unbelievably threatening tone, is litigation the name of the game
396985660264828931|Sun Nov 03 13:02:11 +0000 2013|@donna1710 @icod @Justine_Roberts even Yee Gods
396985201407975424|Sun Nov 03 13:00:22 +0000 2013|@donna1710 @icod @Justine_Roberts I believe it is going viral! eye Gods
396968303488299008|Sun Nov 03 11:53:13 +0000 2013|@sweetexi God alone knows, it is chilling
396967481874452480|Sun Nov 03 11:49:57 +0000 2013|@martin_liz @OfficialDWB @urcrazytoo @IWILLNOTGOAWAY @seniorowl @JohnnyWatergate Well Father Jack for eg
396967298071670784|Sun Nov 03 11:49:13 +0000 2013|@sweetexi Both are now getting the face they deserve, looking haggard
396966719320649728|Sun Nov 03 11:46:55 +0000 2013|@martin_liz @OfficialDWB @urcrazytoo @IWILLNOTGOAWAY @seniorowl @JohnnyWatergate Agreed, however some nasty things from your side
396962575386030080|Sun Nov 03 11:30:27 +0000 2013|@OfficialDWB @martin_liz @urcrazytoo @IWILLNOTGOAWAY @seniorowl @JohnnyWatergate I have NEVER made an accusation! just???s
396961939793788928|Sun Nov 03 11:27:56 +0000 2013|@martin_liz @OfficialDWB @urcrazytoo @IWILLNOTGOAWAY @seniorowl @JohnnyWatergate Are we not as entitled as yourself to voice our opinion?
396952531537903616|Sun Nov 03 10:50:33 +0000 2013|@urcrazytoo @IWILLNOTGOAWAY @seniorowl @JohnnyWatergate Why me ? am am on the side of the anti McCanns?
396944964715675649|Sun Nov 03 10:20:29 +0000 2013|@IWILLNOTGOAWAY @seniorowl @JohnnyWatergate The game is keep on with obfuscation and refusal to answer direct
396943918924713984|Sun Nov 03 10:16:19 +0000 2013|@IWILLNOTGOAWAY @seniorowl @JohnnyWatergate Ignore these Numpties Deborah, they are showing desperation.
396757440798007296|Sat Nov 02 21:55:19 +0000 2013|@rebeccasherl @h20igo I agree with Carol, only a guilty person COULD behave as she did and has done
396747363064102913|Sat Nov 02 21:15:17 +0000 2013|@Ans4MBM @h20igo Would not be in that position as would never leave 3 kids of that or any age alone like that
396660053228265472|Sat Nov 02 15:28:20 +0000 2013|@JillyCL @Cerebus32 @PippaBrownp29 Ps I meant will said Jilly, following with great interest am longing for justice.
396658322150920193|Sat Nov 02 15:21:28 +0000 2013|@JillyCL @Cerebus32 @PippaBrownp29 Well said and spot on
395934778853044224|Thu Oct 31 15:26:22 +0000 2013|@WAWinter1 @k1482 Wonderful woman ????? yes so wonderful she saw nothing wrong in leaving 3 kids alone repeatedly.
395597724302573568|Wed Oct 30 17:07:01 +0000 2013|@WAWinter1 Well done for noticing this, I am trying to stay optimistic and hope that this is just Red Top madness
167259114802651136|Wed Feb 08 14:50:55 +0000 2012|@ChrisTerrill So concerned about Vicey, such a wonderful man, great soldier, what is the latest on him and can we follow him on twitter
153880563294539777|Mon Jan 02 16:49:19 +0000 2012|liz jones
128760595423043585|Tue Oct 25 09:11:32 +0000 2011|michael mcpartland
128760462836899840|Tue Oct 25 09:11:01 +0000 2011|conrad murray
18013446574444544|Thu Dec 23 18:41:54 +0000 2010|W/stop
17604246224510976|Wed Dec 22 15:35:54 +0000 2010|W/stop
17325175242489856|Tue Dec 21 21:06:58 +0000 2010|@The_Edge_Man how about we leave this Tweet to those who actually need the updates, rather than unhelpful and uninspired trolling?
Gasper was a friend of theirs? Payne + Mccann s reputation was at stake

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